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Sen. John McCain – Obamacare Rubber Stamp man

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on September 26, 2013

I have long felt that John McCain is neither a conservative nor a liberal but a politician of the Party of John McCain. He goes off on his own tangents sometimes advocating a position I agree with but most often not.

However his performance in the Senate this week and the statements he made about Sen. Ted Cruz and Obamacare were over the top and I believe a fundamental disconnect for him from his role as a Senator from Arizona. Rather than just quietly voting for the close of debate after Sen. Cruz finished his filibuster, Sen. McCain essentially stated on the Senate floor that because President Obama was reelected we just have to accept Obamacare as is. Ben Shaprio over at Breitbart has a short and well written post about this at http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/09/25/McCain-bashes-Cruz I recommend it to you.

As Mr. Shaprio noted, I guess the people of Arizona did not know they re-elected John McCain to not advocate legislation to fix or replace Obamacare but just accept it as is. And to call how the bill was passed “fair” is to ignore history. In addition Sen. McCain is giving a pass to President Obama for all of his unconstitutional exemptions and postponements of Obamacare’s requirements to big business, labor groups, anyone working inside the Capital dome but not the American people (no exemption of the “individual mandate”). These types of edicts / exemptions by President Obama are more in line with a banana republic than a country where the elected leaders respect the rule of law and U.S. Constitution. Sen. McCain should have been challenging the President and the Democrats over these unconstitutional edicts and not rubber stamping those actions by going a long with Harry Reid.

What Sen. Cruz was doing was not just about Obamacare (which is bad enough) but about whether we as a people are going to push back against a President who rules by edict and ignores and flaunts the U.S. Constitution. Sen. Cruz was calling the President out on this as well and Republican Senators should have been joining him in at least adding their voices against this threat to the rule of law!

I hope the people of Arizona are seeing this and will find a better representative when Mr. McCain is up for re-election.

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