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Travis Allen’s Political Donations: A Strong History of Supporting Conservatives

Posted by OC Insider on March 30, 2012

Much time and effort has been exerted discussing Travis Allen’s political donations.  I have finally had a chance to sit in front of a computer and pull up his donations.

By actually taking the time to look into his donations history, I have discovered that he has a long history of supporting conservative causes and candidates.  His donations show that he is a dedicated conservative and freely gave his financial resources to fight for the cause.

Here are just some of the many donations he has made to Republican candidates and groups.

Mitt Romney $2,500
Orange County Central Committee $250
Rick Perry $350
New Majority $5000
Lincoln Club of Orange County $3,900
Dana Rohrabacher $1,050
NRCC $250
Ileanna Ros-Lehtinen $500
Jeff Lalloway $440
Emanuel Patrascu $360
OC Business Council $250
Harman for Attorney General $150

Overall, I have been able to find over $20,000 in donations to conservatives and only a couple grand in donations to democrats.  The facts clearly show that he is a conservative, has donated 10 times more to Republicans and is actively involved with conservative candidates and causes.

Often when business owners run for office their opponents will dig up some contributions they have made to the opposite party and attack them for it.  For example, Meg Whitman savaged Steve Poizner with some minor contributions he had made to Democrats.   This did not make Meg Whitman a better conservative than Steve Poizner.  She just had more money to waste on attacking Poizner.  Unfortunately, her wealth was of no help to her in against Jerry Brown.  She not only lost, but was also a drag on all the other Republican candidates in California.

When electing someone for the 72nd Assembly District, we should ensure that we do not elect another Meg Whitman by supporting the wealthiest candidate.  We should elect the individual with the best history of being a Republican, supporting conservative candidates and fighting for our ideas.   If being a lifelong Republican and having a conservative donation history is to be taken into account, Travis Allen is clearly the best person to represent and fight for conservatives.

2 Responses to “Travis Allen’s Political Donations: A Strong History of Supporting Conservatives”

  1. It’s nice that he gives money to Republicans, but I have to be honest with you it is troubling that he would give any money to Democrats. Among others, my understanding is that he gave to the following campaigns/PAC’s:

    Act Blue?
    Gavin Newsom?
    Democratic Party of Orange County?

    This is clearly not an isolated incident and he should be called out for this.

    • met00 said

      Let’s be honest.

      On the GOP side you have a high propensity Democrat who changed to the GOP after getting advice from Ron Bates and deciding to run for public office in OC.A lifetime GOP member who made small donations to Dems. And a candidate who has had his degree/resume questioned.

      I would say for a district which should be an easy GOP win, this group has made the race competitive for the (D). And while the (D) is fresh minted (being Decline To State) and his wife is a liberal Republican, he will most likely get the majority of the (D) vote (the other option an 80 year old tea party member who makes Sanford Kahn look sane) and going into the General he looks like a far better choice to the DTS/I voters than the crew the GOP is offering up.

      Harper or Deip should have stayed in this race. Then it would have been “an easy GOP victory.”

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