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Rep. Gary Miller’s Weekly Newsletter

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on March 30, 2012

This came over the wire from Congressman Gary Miller’s office yesterday…

House Passes FY 2013 Budget Resolution

House Republicans this week passed a budget resolution for Fiscal Year 2013 that will cut trillions in government spending, reduce our nation’s debt and deficits, and help our economy grow without raising taxes on families and job creators. Compared to the President’s proposed budget, which would lead to a net $1.5 trillion increase in spending, the House-passed budget cuts $5.3 trillion in government spending over the next ten years. The budget resolution also reduces deficits by over $3 trillion relative to the President’s budget, reduces debt as a share of the economy, and makes serious reforms to the real drivers of our national debt, while strengthening Medicare to ensure that it will be able to fulfill its mission to today’s seniors and future generations of Americans. To help our economy grow, the House budget resolution prevents the Obama Administration’s job-crushing tax increases and makes needed reforms to our nation’s broken and complex tax system. Congressman Miller supported the House resolution because, unlike the President’s proposal, it puts the nation back on the path to a balanced budget without raising taxes on American families and job creators. As Congress debates spending priorities for the next fiscal year, he will continue to work with his colleagues to get our country’s finances in order.

FCC Reform Bill Passes House

On Tuesday, the House passed legislation to improve the way the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) operates. Specifically, H.R. 3309, the Federal Communications Commission Process Reform Act, requires the FCC to allow a 30-day public comment period before issuing a notice of rulemaking as well as an additional 30 days for reply comments. The bill also requires the agency to establish procedures to ensure that FCC Commissioners have sufficient time to review proposals before they are voted on, and to prohibit the FCC from voting on proposed rules in closed-door meetings. To prevent the agency from unnecessarily dragging its feet on license or merger applications or from taking actions regarding complaints, H.R. 3309 requires the FCC to establish deadlines for making its decisions. The measure also contains several provisions to increase transparency of the FCC’s internal operations, including requiring the agency to make available on its website all of its public reports as well as information on its budget, appropriations, and performance plan. Congressman Miller supports these important process reforms to help ensure that the FCC’s work encourages innovation, investment, and job creation.

Highway Programs Temporarily Extended

A functional, efficient, and safe transportation system is essential to a thriving economy. Nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than in California, with an economy heavily dependent on trade, commerce, and tourism. This week, Congress passed and the President signed into law a 90-day extension of our nation’s highway and transit programs. While not ideal, this temporary extension will provide Congress additional time to consider a longer reauthorization of surface transportation programs which is needed to improve our nation’s infrastructure and help get more Americans back to work. As a senior member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Congressman Miller will continue working to enact a multi-year reauthorization that ensures the solvency of the Highway Trust Fund, streamlines onerous and duplicative environmental review requirements, and gives states and local governments the certainty they need to get important job-creating highway projects underway.

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