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Steve Sarkis Introductory Post

Posted by Steve Sarkis on February 27, 2012

I was disturbed by the fact at the recent CRP Convention that the CRC was chartered despite the fact that some of its leaders tried to control the CRA thru devious means such as placing people on unit membership lists without people’s knowledge including an OC Supervisor and people on membership lists that had phony addresses and people who that were on multiple lists which was a violation of the CRA bylaws so now we will let the legal authorities deal legally with these certain individuals.

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2-27-2012 Central Committee (AD 73) Filing Update

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 27, 2012

My apologies to those readers that were expecting the rest of the updates for the Central Committee races last week. I got a bit busy and was unable to finish posting about the different races. I promise to have the rest of the updates up and running by the end of this week.

Thank you to Meridian Pacific for the use of the map to show this district:

This Assembly district is currently represented by Assemblywoman Diane Harkey and represents  the furthest part of South County. With that being said here is the break-down of who has pulled papers:

Dave Duringer– He is a gun trust attorney who I believe is involved in the tea party (not 100% sure on that. He also ran for the Central Committee back in 2010 prior to redistricting when his district was the 71st.

Mary Young– She has been an activist with the Republican Part of Orange County for a very long time. She is also campaigning the hardest of anybody I have ever seen for a Central Committee seat. *Incumbent.

Mike Munzing– He was at one point running against John Campbell for Congress and then wisely decided to run for Aliso Viejo City Council (I think he can win). He is very good at marketing himself from what I have witnessed through his many activities. *Incumbent.

Alice Anderson– She is currently an incumbent in this district and if I remember hearing correctly is also in the hospital. I would encourage those involved in OCGOP politics to seek out a way to sign her nomination papers if you live in this district. *Incumbent.

Norm Dickinson– Many people who I have talked to have said that he is the foremost expert on the bylaws in the Republican Party of Orange County. I cannot see that I disagree from what I have witnessed. *Incumbent.

Steve Magdziak– He is one of the few that has set up a website for his Central Committee race http://www.stevemagdziak.com/ His website does not include much information about his background but if I had to guess I would think he was part of the Ron Paul crowd.

Chandra Chell– She is active in Republican politics through Atlas PAC among other things and she has also been involved in the CRA among other Republican volunteer organizations. *Incumbent.

Linda Barnes– From a bit of research I have learned that she is part of the leadership team with OC912 a conservative group which is tied to the tea party.

Greg Woodard– He recently friended me on Facebook. After having a conversation with him I found that he is involved in a lot of conservative groups including Atlas PAC and Family Action PAC. He was also appointed to a seat on the OC GOP Central Committee making him an incumbent as well. *Incumbent.

Nancy Padberg– She was previously on the Central Committee but was one of the members that was ousted in this past election. As an elected official on the South Orange County Community College District, her name ID will be high.

Tony Beall– He currently is an incumbent on both the Central Committee and on the Rancho Santa Margarita City Council. He also has been a conservative voice on the issues involving the Capistrano Unified School District. *Incumbent.

Kevin Richardson– According to the very little that I could find out about him he is one of the co-founders of SOC912 which I referenced above (OC912).

Nina R. Davar– I am seeing a trend here as when I did a bit of googling I found her name attached to SOC912 as well as other candidates with tea party ties.

John C. Drew– A writer for Examiner.com on Republican Party of Orange County Republican politics. He had a lot of information on his bio including the fact that he is an award-winning political scientist.

Susan A. Bock– I was unable to find any information on her.

Readers help me out by adding info on any candidates that I may have left out and feel free to fill me in on the candidates I found nothing on.

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Battle for Fullerton: Rands, Reid, Kiger, Sebourn, Georgieff, and Anonymous Candidate Pull Papers for Council

Posted by Chris Nguyen on February 27, 2012

Fullerton City Council MeetingOn Tuesday, the Fullerton City Council voted to consolidate the recall elections with the June 5 Primary.  Fullerton voters will decide whether or not to recall Republican City Councilmen Don Bankhead, Dick Jones, and Pat McKinley.

Fullerton’s voters will also vote on replacements for each councilman should one, two, or all three of the recalls succeed.  (Remember, the recalls are not an all-or-nothing proposition.  The recalls of Bankhead, Jones, and McKinley are technically three separate elections, so it is possible that rather than all three surviving or all three being recalled, one could survive with two recalled or two could survive with the other recalled.)  Most people do expect an all-or-nothing result since the recalls seek to remove the three for the same reason, but that doesn’t necessarily have to happen.

In November, the other two councilmembers, Democrat Sharon Quirk-Silva and Republican Bruce Whitaker, are up for election.  If his recall fails, Jones is up for election in November.  If his recall succeeds, Jones’s replacement is up for election in November.

If their respective recalls fail, Bankhead and McKinley are each up for re-election in 2014; if their respective recalls succeed, their respective replacements are each up for re-election in 2014.

Now, here’s a look at the Fullerton Council candidates (thus far) in the recall replacement elections…

Wednesday, February 22 was the first day Fullertonians could pull papers to run in the recall replacement elections.  On that day, two candidates pulled papers:

  • Jane Rands: The Chair of the Fullerton Bicycle Users Subcommittee and Treasurer of the Green Party of Orange County, Rands pulled papers for all three seats.  She ran for the State Assembly in 2010.
  • Roberta Reid: Registered as No Party Preference (Decline-to-State in the pre-Prop 14 parlance), Reid pulled papers for all three seats (but filed for Jones’s seat the following day).

On Thursday, February 23, two more candidates pulled papers to run:

  • Travis Kiger: A Republican Fullerton Planning Commissioner and blogger at Friends for Fullerton’s Future, Kiger pulled papers for Jones’s seat.
  • Greg Sebourn: The Chair of the Fullerton Citizen’s Infrastructure Review Commission and Assemblyman Chris Norby’s Alternate on the Republican Central Committee, Sebourn pulled papers for all three seats.  He ran for the City Council in 2010.

On Friday, February 24, one candidate pulled papers:

  • Glenn Georgieff: A Democrat and former Fullerton Library Trustee, Georgieff pulled papers for Jones’s seat.

Oddly, the candidate filing log notes, “In addition, one person has pulled papers for all three seats, but has not yet provided contact information.” (The bolding is in the original log and was not added by me.)  This anonymous candidate will need to reveal himself/herself by the close of filing, of course.

In a nutshell for those keeping track, all six candidates (Rands, Reid, Kiger, Sebourn, Georgieff, and the anonymous candidate) pulled papers for Jones’s seat (and Reid already filed for that seat).  Rands, Reid, Sebourn, and the anonymous candidate also pulled papers for Bankhead and McKinley’s seats (Kiger and Georgieff did not; and of course, Reid has filed for the Jones seat).

To reiterate for those keeping partisan scores of the councilmembers and candidates, Rands is a Green, Reid is a No Party Preference, Georgieff and Quirk-Silva are Democrats, while the rest (Bankhead, Jones, Kiger, McKinley, Sebourn, and Whitaker) are Republicans.  Remember, Councilmembers Quirk-Silva and Whitaker are not recall targets.

Candidate filing for the Fullerton Recall ends on March 9, the same deadline as most other offices on the June Primary ballot.

(As you might note, I’ve played it straight, reporting just the facts on this post, rather than doing any analysis.  In the interest of full disclosure, I should note my day job is working in the Fullerton office of Assemblyman Chris Norby, who served on the Fullerton City Council from 1984-2002.  One of my co-workers in the office is Fullerton City Councilman Bruce Whitaker, who was elected in 2010 and is not a target of the recall.)

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2-27-2012 Central Committee (AD 74) Filing Update

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 27, 2012

(Re-posted today with updated info. Original post here.)

It was suggested to me in an e-mail that instead of posting a list of names running for these Republican Party Central Committee seats, I should lessen the names and explain who these people are that are running.

I was intrigued by the suggestion and decided to do an update today of each Central Committee race and decided to do it in reverse numerical order (simply because I felt like doing it that way). Let’s start with AD 74 which is currently represented by Assemblyman Allan Mansoor.

Emily Sanford– She is currently Scott Baugh’s alternate on the Central Committee and has been a volunteer with the OCGOP. I have heard people say nothing but nice things about her.

Christina L. Shea– She is best known for being one of the Republican members of the always fun Irvine City Council. In 2010 she was unable to run for re-election due to term limits.

Allan Bartlett– The leader of the OC Ron Paul fan club. He is a Libertarian leaning Republican that was recently involved in the blocked endorsement of John Campbell. *Incumbent.

John Draper– I don’t know a lot about him, although he is currently on the Central Committee and appears to be part of the tea party wing of the committee. *Incumbent.

Scott Baugh– Currently the Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County also former Assembly Republican leader. He is usually way out in first place on election night. *Incumbent.

Greg Baker– I could find nothing on him.

Jon Aiken– Jon used to be on the Central Committee and has been a long time volunteer with the OC GOP since at least 2006.

Erik K. Weigand– Erik is one of the really good guys in Orange County politics. He used to be the executive director of the OC GOP and is currently working on the district staff for Assemblyman Jim Silva

Bill Dunlap– He ran for the Central Committee back in 2010 for the 70th district. In fact, he came quite close to winning the seat being just 250 votes short of defeating Allan Bartlett for the 6th and final spot.

Rhonda Rohrabacher– The wife of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and also a political strategist. She has a lot of knowledge of the OC GOP and how it works. She is not an incumbent, but she will have residual name ID from Dana Rohrabacher.

Thomas A. Fuentes Jr.– The son of popular Republican Party Chairman Tom Fuentes. He was recently appointed to a vacancy on the Central Committee created by the very classy Matt Holder. *Incumbent.

Scott Peotter– He is a conservative attorney and also is best known to those that run in the same circles as members of the Family Action PAC.

Gary R. Morse– I found when searching that he is an organizer with the Newport Mesa Tea Party Patriots.

Vanessa Mathews– I could find nothing on her.

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Supervisor Bill Campbell’s Third District Report

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on February 26, 2012

Photo of Supervisor Campbell, Bill Campbell Supervisor 3rd District, Newsletter, Read the rest of this entry »

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Harkey Protests Legal Settlements Used to Decimate California Jobs

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on February 25, 2012

This just came across the wire from the office of Assemblywoman Harkey:

Harkey Protests Legal Settlements Used to Decimate California Jobs

SACRAMENTO – The Legislature traditionally appropriates funds to settle lawsuits against the state where the Department of Justice recommends settlement over continuing litigation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Orange County Assembly Members Mansoor & Miller Endorse Spitzer for Supervisor

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on February 25, 2012

This came across the wire from the Todd Spitzer campaign on Wednesday:

Orange County Assembly Members Mansoor & Miller Endorse Spitzer for Supervisor

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) Todd Spitzer’s campaign for 3rd District Supervisor announced the endorsement of Orange County Assembly members, Allan Mansoor and Jeff Miller today. Read the rest of this entry »

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Deborah Pauly Abandoning Supervisorial Race?

Posted by HBK on February 24, 2012

Deborah PaulyOne of the most telling signs that Deborah Pauly is bending under pressure to Todd Spitzer’s steamroller of a campaign can be found in the candidate filing log from the Registrar of Voters.  You can see the financial numbers from this race in this post by one of my colleagues on this blog.

Yesterday, Pauly filed all of her candidate filing paperwork for Central Committee in the 68th District, including her Ballot Designation Worksheet and her Declaration of Candidacy form.  (She is using “Councilwoman, City of Villa Park” as her ballot designation, by the way.)

In the 3rd Supervisorial District race, she has pulled neither the Ballot Designation Worksheet nor her Declaration of Candidacy form.  Why didn’t she at least pull those papers while at the Registrar of Voters when she filed those two forms for Central Committee?

Considering both forms are quite brief, why didn’t she file them for both offices?  Furthermore, shouldn’t a candidate for two offices file for the race that’s their top priority first?  Like Pauly, Spitzer is also running for both Supervisor and Central Committee, but Spitzer has filed all of his candidate filing paperwork for Supervisor.

It’s becoming clear Deborah Pauly is not long for this supervisorial race.

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Former Orange County Congressman Chris Cox Endorses Todd Spitzer

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on February 23, 2012

This came over the wire from the Spitzer for Supervisor campaign:

Former Orange County Congressman Chris Cox Endorses Todd Spitzer

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) Todd Spitzer’s campaign for 3rd District Supervisor announced the endorsement of former Orange County Congressman Chris Cox. Read the rest of this entry »

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State Water Resources Control Board Study on Hydroelectric Power Along Delta Tributaries Ignores Key Information

Posted by Cicero on February 23, 2012

In this drier than average year, water continues to be a point of major contention for Californians; decisions on water policy should be made with all of the stakeholders at the table, which includes northern and southern California, the valley, water districts that manage the water and many others. However, this basic principle seems to have been ignored once again in the State Water Resources Control Board’s latest report related to the impacts of hydroelectric power generation.

According to a press release from the newly formed San Joaquin Tributary Association, the group consisting of water districts along the San Joaquin River, the SWRCB never even contacted a single water operator along to river for its analysis. These are the organizations who are currently operating the existing hydroelectric power facilities along the river, but the SWRCB did not  bother to consult them.

As a result, the release further claims the results of the report cannot be trusted and raises serious doubts about the thoroughness and overall quality of the report and its conclusions since it does not include any information from the people who understand the dynamics of hydrogenenation in the region best.

This appears to be yet another case of the State ignoring information it does not want to hear in order to obtain the results it wants to find.  The report is part of mandatory proceedings leading up to the state board’s adoption of new flow standards on the Stanislaus, Tuolomne and Merced rivers, which feed the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. So obviously the State is not going to consult the people that it is planning to take the water from later on down the line.

As Allen Short, the Manager of the Modesto Irrigation District and member of the San Joaquin Tributary Association said in the release, “You cannot conduct a vital analysis like this without gathering accurate information from the sources on the front lines. Decisions with implications of this magnitude need to be made with all of the information on the table. This process demands real science, not abstract predictions, because in the end, it will be California ratepayers who suffer the consequences.”

You can read the whole press release from the San Joaquin Tributary Association here.

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