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2-27-2012 Central Committee (AD 74) Filing Update

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 27, 2012

(Re-posted today with updated info. Original post here.)

It was suggested to me in an e-mail that instead of posting a list of names running for these Republican Party Central Committee seats, I should lessen the names and explain who these people are that are running.

I was intrigued by the suggestion and decided to do an update today of each Central Committee race and decided to do it in reverse numerical order (simply because I felt like doing it that way). Let’s start with AD 74 which is currently represented by Assemblyman Allan Mansoor.

Emily Sanford– She is currently Scott Baugh’s alternate on the Central Committee and has been a volunteer with the OCGOP. I have heard people say nothing but nice things about her.

Christina L. Shea– She is best known for being one of the Republican members of the always fun Irvine City Council. In 2010 she was unable to run for re-election due to term limits.

Allan Bartlett– The leader of the OC Ron Paul fan club. He is a Libertarian leaning Republican that was recently involved in the blocked endorsement of John Campbell. *Incumbent.

John Draper– I don’t know a lot about him, although he is currently on the Central Committee and appears to be part of the tea party wing of the committee. *Incumbent.

Scott Baugh– Currently the Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County also former Assembly Republican leader. He is usually way out in first place on election night. *Incumbent.

Greg Baker– I could find nothing on him.

Jon Aiken– Jon used to be on the Central Committee and has been a long time volunteer with the OC GOP since at least 2006.

Erik K. Weigand– Erik is one of the really good guys in Orange County politics. He used to be the executive director of the OC GOP and is currently working on the district staff for Assemblyman Jim Silva

Bill Dunlap– He ran for the Central Committee back in 2010 for the 70th district. In fact, he came quite close to winning the seat being just 250 votes short of defeating Allan Bartlett for the 6th and final spot.

Rhonda Rohrabacher– The wife of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and also a political strategist. She has a lot of knowledge of the OC GOP and how it works. She is not an incumbent, but she will have residual name ID from Dana Rohrabacher.

Thomas A. Fuentes Jr.– The son of popular Republican Party Chairman Tom Fuentes. He was recently appointed to a vacancy on the Central Committee created by the very classy Matt Holder. *Incumbent.

Scott Peotter– He is a conservative attorney and also is best known to those that run in the same circles as members of the Family Action PAC.

Gary R. Morse– I found when searching that he is an organizer with the Newport Mesa Tea Party Patriots.

Vanessa Mathews– I could find nothing on her.

5 Responses to “2-27-2012 Central Committee (AD 74) Filing Update”

  1. Allan Bartlett said

    FYI Chris, TJ is Mary Young’s alternate. John Draper is on the Board of Atlas PAC.

  2. There’s no evidence that any OCEA money went through Atlas PAC: http://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/Campaign/Committees/Detail.aspx?id=1279586&view=received&session=2009

  3. After digging through the financials I have to agree that I do not see any OCEA money flowig through Atlas PAC. It is more likely that the BIA was involved in any pieces that went out because they are the biggest donors to the group.

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