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Recall Certified

Posted by Brenda Higgins on January 5, 2018

Secretary of State Alex Padilla today, certified enough signatures such that the recall of Senator Josh Newman may proceed.

Josh Newman was elected in a nail biter of a race against Ling Ling Chang in the 29th State Senate district in November 2016. Josh Newman voted with his party, the Democrat super majority, in pushing forward a new gas and vehicle licensing tax that has prompted voter outrage.

Republican activist Carl DeMaio form San Diego, rallied that anger into a move to recall the Freshman senator from Orange County. The recall of Senator Newman will not make any affirmative change to the gas tax, and that has been a large part of the Newman opposition messaging. People who signed the recall petitions have said that they were not aware it was for the recall of the Senator but believed that the petition they were signing would in fact repeal the gas tax. In spite of some disgruntled signers of those petitions, still, today, according to the California Secretary of State, there are enough valid signatures for it to proceed.
The governor will need to schedule a Special Election to determine 1) if Josh Newman will be recalled and 2) If recalled, whom will replace him. Thus far, Newman has had his campaign in motion for many months to combat the recall and fight for re-election. So far, Fullerton Mayor, Bruce Whitaker and Newman’s former opponent, Ling Ling Chang, are the prominent Republicans poised to challenge him. The election could proceed as early as March, but will likely be consolidated with the primary in June.


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Sacramento Saga Continues: U.S. Attorney subpoenas Senator de León

Posted by Allen Wilson on June 7, 2013

OC Political reported breaking news on Tuesday regarding Senator Ron Calderon (D-Whittier) office was raided by the FBI.

My colleague Chris Nguyen elaborated with an article following up the breaking news about Senator Calderon and the FBI raid.

Now, it is reported by the Sacramento Bee that U.S. Attorney has subpoena Senator Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles).

In a statement, Senator de León said he received a subpoena on Thursday.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Senator de León intended “to cooperate fully” and will be interviewed by a grand jury in July.

As the saga coming out of Sacramento continues OC Political will be on top of the story to bring you the latest updates.

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Mayoral Candidate Brags About Endorsement from Serial Killer on Death Row

Posted by Chris Nguyen on May 14, 2012

Leonard Padilla

Sacramento Mayoral Candidate Leonard Padilla,
Proudly Endorsed by Death Row’s Speed Freak Killer, Wesley Shermantine

A strange tale from over the weekend…

Sacramento Mayoral Candidate Leonard Padilla, who is one of three candidates challenging Mayor Kevin Johnson‘s re-election bid, is proudly announcing his endorsement by Wesley Shermantine, who is half of the serial killer duo known as the Speed Freak Killers and currently sits on death row.

Padilla told Sacramento’s Fox40: “When you have a guy on death row endorsing you, you have to be somewhat proud of that.”

Why does he think that?  Well, he stated, “If I go out here to the unions, or if I go to the firemen, and ask for their endorsement, they’re going to want something in return.  I mean, this man, he cannot ask for anything in return.”

Well, I guess technically, he’s right that he won’t be beholden to any special interests.

On the potential drawback of the serial killer endorsement, he said, “I don’t think it’ll have any backlash because there’s nothing about the man that’s a secret.”

That’s ridiculous.  The backlash is because of what’s known about him.

Padilla even told Fox 40 he was considering making a commercial about Serial Killer Shermantine’s endorsement.

I’m going to name the Padilla for Mayor 2012 campaign the winner of my “Dumbest Campaign Strategy Ever” award.

This is clearly a publicity stunt, but the “Any press is good press” expression has its limits.  He will definitely lose many of what few votes he had, and I’m not sure if this will attract any new business for his bail bondsman or bounty hunter operations.  I would think a bounty hunter wouldn’t want publicity.  I would also think even those seeking the services of a bail bondsman would hesitate at using someone backed by a serial killer.

(Readers, feel free to insert a bad Sacramento joke here.)

Padilla came in 58th out of 135 candidates for Governor in the 2003 recall.  Padilla came in 4th out of 4 in the 2004 Sacramento mayoral primary and came in 3rd out of 5 in the 2008 Sacramento mayoral primary (behind only Johnson and then-Mayor Heather Fargo).

I’m still waiting for the Association of Ketchup Thieves to Endorse Steve Rocco for Supervisor and the appropriate independent expenditure on behalf of Janet Nguyen by Heinz, Hunt’s, and other ketchup manufacturers.

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State Water Resources Control Board Study on Hydroelectric Power Along Delta Tributaries Ignores Key Information

Posted by Cicero on February 23, 2012

In this drier than average year, water continues to be a point of major contention for Californians; decisions on water policy should be made with all of the stakeholders at the table, which includes northern and southern California, the valley, water districts that manage the water and many others. However, this basic principle seems to have been ignored once again in the State Water Resources Control Board’s latest report related to the impacts of hydroelectric power generation.

According to a press release from the newly formed San Joaquin Tributary Association, the group consisting of water districts along the San Joaquin River, the SWRCB never even contacted a single water operator along to river for its analysis. These are the organizations who are currently operating the existing hydroelectric power facilities along the river, but the SWRCB did not  bother to consult them.

As a result, the release further claims the results of the report cannot be trusted and raises serious doubts about the thoroughness and overall quality of the report and its conclusions since it does not include any information from the people who understand the dynamics of hydrogenenation in the region best.

This appears to be yet another case of the State ignoring information it does not want to hear in order to obtain the results it wants to find.  The report is part of mandatory proceedings leading up to the state board’s adoption of new flow standards on the Stanislaus, Tuolomne and Merced rivers, which feed the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. So obviously the State is not going to consult the people that it is planning to take the water from later on down the line.

As Allen Short, the Manager of the Modesto Irrigation District and member of the San Joaquin Tributary Association said in the release, “You cannot conduct a vital analysis like this without gathering accurate information from the sources on the front lines. Decisions with implications of this magnitude need to be made with all of the information on the table. This process demands real science, not abstract predictions, because in the end, it will be California ratepayers who suffer the consequences.”

You can read the whole press release from the San Joaquin Tributary Association here.

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