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Why were three 17 year olds robbing a medical marijuana clinic in Santa Ana at 2:15 AM?

Posted by Thomas Gordon on March 21, 2012


Just what were three 17 year old kids from Santa Ana doing out last night at 2:15 in the morning in the city that bills itself the 4th safest in America no less….

They were robbing a medical marijuana clinic along with an 18 year old named Gustavo Alexander Penaloza, when they were captured by SAPD.

With the assistance of a police helicopter they were arrested and booked into juvenile hall.

Santa Ana not only has an epidemic of teenagers roaming the streets at all hours of the night in violation of our curfew laws, but a multi-million dollar graffiti problem and an excessive drop out rate from Santa Ana Unified School District.

Where were their parents? Were these children no longer attending school?

Just what do you think should be done about this and who is ultimately to blame?

17 Responses to “Why were three 17 year olds robbing a medical marijuana clinic in Santa Ana at 2:15 AM?”

  1. Junior said

    Put the pot shops next to police sub-stations – the sales tax paid on the pot could pay for the sub-stations.

  2. Junior said

    Oh yeah – one pot shop/cop shop per Council Ward – that would a total of 6 combo shops – which is the same pot shop to population ratio as in the City of Los Angeles.

  3. Sean H. Mill said

    Question for you Thomas, you state that those arrested were “three 17 year old kids from Santa Ana”. Where did you get that info? I have not seen the place of residence of those teens reported anywhere. I do know that the 18 year old arrested, Gustavo Alexander Penaloza, is from Anaheim. What was your source for the place of residence for the three 17 year olds?

    You also stated that Santa Ana, “bills itself the 4th safest (city) in America”. Actually Forbes Magazine “bills” Santa Ana as the 4th safest city in America, the city just proudly announced the Forbes ranking and rightfully so.

    • Unusual Suspect said

      Too bad Forbes didn’t take into account how much unreported crime happens to the vast amount of undocumented immigrants in Santa Ana who won’t call the cops out of fear of being deported? Forbes Magazine’s criteria for safety was a joke and didn’t you hear, someone “stoled” Michele’s bike. Still reporting 4X T-shirts in the mail a terrorist threat? Was the shirt too small?

      • Sean H. Mill said

        Didn’t you hear the SAPD recovered Michele’s stolen bicycle that was valued at close to $6000, once again showing what a great police force we have in Santa Ana.

        • Unusual Suspect said

          Get it right Sean. The bike was “stoled” according to Michele. What is someone who lost her condo to foreclosure doing with a $6,000 bike? Maybe she should have paid her mortgage instead.

          Hey Junior, isn’t this the guy you complained about to the ethics comission? What is your beef with him again?

          • junior said

            I understand that Councilman Tinajero told Mr. Tardif that he (Tinajero) had a discussion with Mr. Mill concerning Tardif’s complaint of SA Ethics Code violation against Mr. Mill and that the ethics and conduct problem Tardif had with Mill should not happen again.

            Tardif indicated that this was acceptable …. for now.

          • Sean H. Mill said


            I realize that you would like to spin this away from my original question directed to Thomas in regards to his reporting that the three 17 year olds being from Santa Ana and get me to engage in a silly back and forth with you. Not gonna happen.

            My question to Thomas still stands, where did he get his information indicating these youths were from Santa Ana?

            You can throw rocks and engage in ad hominem attacks on your own.

            • Unusual Suspect said

              The crime happened in Santa Ana. What difference does it make where the kids are from?

              You are in no position to demand any details from Thomas. Stop being Tinajero’s bagman Mill. Tell me, will your pal Pedroza retract his story about Julio Perez being a carpetbagger now that the Voice of OCEA has debunked it?

              Is the real reason Michele Martinex won’t participate in the debate next week because she speaks lousy Spanish and that will hurt her with Latino voters?

            • Unusual Suspect said

              I don’t think you will hear from Thomas until after working hours. He doesn’t blog from work like you do.

            • Thomas Gordon said


              Last night I saw a man attempting to steal a bike by cutting a chain over on Warner Ave. I called SAPD and within minutes they responded and he was arrested.

              There is plenty of crime in Santa Ana and far too many victims.

              Most people simply won’t or don’t call the police for various reasons.

              Repeating the lie that Santa Ana is safe makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution.

        • Thomas Gordon said


          Do you really stand behind the claim that Santa Ana is a safe city while letting us know that a Councilmember had her $6000 bike stolen?

          I recall that she was also the victim of a purse snatching several years ago.

          And didn’t Sal Tinajero claim several years ago that his home was burglarized? And doesn’t he live in a gated community?

          Hard to claim that a city is safe when it’s Councilmembers keep being victims of crime.

    • Thomas Gordon said


      I reported what the media originally reported when the story broke- as you know the media updates stories as more info becomes available- this may have been the case here

      In reality, does it really matter where three 17 year old kids that were breaking into a privately owned business to steal marijuana at 2:15 AM live?

      The fact is that they were out past curfew at 2:15 am committing a crime (several actually-curfew violation, commercial burglary, trespassing. Etc) in Santa Ana

      As to being on a safe city list, you know as well as I do that Santa Ana is far from being 4th safest. Claiming as much is not only misleading but dangerous as it gives people a false sense of security.

  4. Millstone said


    You made the mistake of bringing up the $6,000 bike, big boy, so stop dodging the question.

    Michele Martinez had her condo foreclosed on last year, so how does she afford a $6,000 bike?

    • Michele's Tax Preparer said

      Or loan herself $15,000. She is going to have one big tax bill once her 1099 for over $100,000 in income because of the short sale.

  5. MillBot said

    Looks like you guys scared Mill away. Or Martinez told him to STFU about her expensive bike. Mill gave her $100 last period hey big spender

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