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My Voter Recommendations For The November 3, 2020 Election

Posted by Craig P Alexander on September 23, 2020

Each election I create my “Craig’s Pics” voter recommendations for those who would like some suggestions on how to vote.  Of course I also encourage everyone to conduct their own research and come to your own determinations.  

For the November 3, 2020 election here are my Craig’s Pics November 3, 2020 General Election. I hope you find them helpful.  

There are two other sites I recommend for voter recommendations.  One is Robyn Nordell’s Conservative California Election Website   Robyn does A LOT of research and she has recommendations for races I do not comment on.  She is also a wonderful servant and a champion of the home school movement. Robyn kindly publishes my Craig’s Pics recommendations along with other conservative’s recommendations on her Orange County page. And we do not always agree! 

The other site is Nancy’s Picks which is run by Nancy Sandoval.  Like Robyn, Nancy spends A LOT of time researching candidates and issues.  Nancy’s Picks is one of the other conservatives Robyn Nordell publishes on her Orange County page.

Whatever you do please do vote this election.  Even if you feel your vote for President will not deliver the state to President Trump, there are so, so many other down ballot races that need your vote! Congressional candidates in your area need your vote.  State Senate and Assembly candidates need your vote.  Local races need your vote.  If you do not vote, your voice will not count in your local city council races, school board races, etc., etc.  Many men and women in the military have paid the ultimate price to secure our right to choose our leaders at election time.  I highly recommend you vote this election! To find out how to register to vote in Orange County go to the Registrar of Voters web site for voter registration.  


4 Responses to “My Voter Recommendations For The November 3, 2020 Election”

  1. Tooms said

    I did find this helpful, so I could vote the opposite. Thanks!

    Donald Trump is a disgusting criminal & traitor to our country and it’s a shame that you can’t see that. He’s no true conservative and is completely unqualified for the office.

    • Craig P Alexander said

      Tooms – glad to help you although I doubt you needed any help on how to vote. What I am not going to do is step into your gutter insults and trade them with you. Your insults reflects more on you more than anyone else.

      • Joseph said

        If Mr. Alexander is offended by the truth, he is not paying attention to the nasty insults that Donald Trump slings on a daily basis. Trump is spiteful, vindictive, and a proven liar.

        • Craig P Alexander said

          Poor Joseph has a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Like many of those voting for President Trump (now and in 2016) I am grateful for his policies and keeping his promises even when I may not like a tweet he does. All the while Joe Biden and the Democrats practice constant outrage, cancel culture, lying about the President and his supporters, etc., etc.

          Here is a short list of what the President has done:

          Moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
          Done two and about to be three peace deals between Israel and three Arab nations nearby Israel
          Taken out ISIS in Syria and Iraq including its viscus headman
          Taken out Iran’s chief terrorist who was responsible for many deaths of U.S. servicemen
          Standing up to China for its unfair trade practices and out and out lying about it
          Standing up to China for its aggressive tactics in the South China Sea
          Standing up to Russia for its aggressive tactics in the Ukraine (like selling Ukraine tank killing weapons not just blankets and meals like Joe Biden did)
          Cutting taxes and regulations so businesses and people and flourish in the best economy since the early 1960s (maybe better)
          Until COVID, the lowest unemployment numbers for African Americans and Latinos ever.
          Passed the First Step Act for criminal justice reform
          Worked with Senator Tim Scott to start opportunity zones in traditionally poor urban areas
          Has gotten confirmed hundreds of young constitutional judges on the Federal bench including three to the U.S. Supreme Court
          Replaced NAFTA with the USMCA trade deal
          and this is a partial list of President Trump’s accomplishments.

          Joseph if you don’t like the President OK. If you don’t like me OK. I can tell you that I will not lose one minute of sleep over your dislike and disrespectful attitude.

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