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How Well Did the OC Register’s Endorsements Go?

Posted by Chris Nguyen on November 13, 2012

This year marked the first time that The Orange County Register endorsed candidates for office.  While the paper has endorsed for or against ballot measures on a regular basis, this was the paper’s first foray into endorsing City Council candidates.

So here’s who they endorsed, and whether the candidate won or loss (I should note these numbers are subject to change pending further results from the Registrar of Voters, as there are several close races, including, but not limited to, Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Mission Viejo, Tustin, and Yorba Linda):

Aliso Viejo (1-2)
W: William “Bill” Phillips
L: Greg Ficke
L: Don Garcia

Anaheim (1-1)
W: Lucille Kring
L: John Leos

Brea (1-1)
W: Marty Simonoff
L: Steven Vargas

Buena Park (1-0)
W: Fred Smith

Costa Mesa (2-1)
W: Steve Mensinger
W: Gary Monahan
L: Colin McCarthy

Cypress (0-0)
No endorsement

Dana Point (1-1)
W: Carlos N. Olvera
L: Ed Stevenson

Fountain Valley (1-1)
W: Steve A. Nagel
L: Patrick Tucker

Fullerton (3-0)
W: Bruce Whitaker
W: Jennifer Fitzgerald
W: Travis Kiger

Garden Grove (0-0)
No endorsement

Huntington Beach (1-2)
W: Dave Sullivan
L: Erik Peterson
L: Barbara Delgleize

Irvine (2-1)
W: Steven S. Choi (Mayor)
W: Christina Shea
L: Lynn Schott

La Habra (0-0)

La Palma (1-2)
W: Peter Kim
L: Robert Carruth
L: Sylvia Colannino Smith

Laguna Beach (1-0)
W: Steve Dicterow

Laguna Hills (1-1)
W: Andrew Blount
L: Raghu P. Mathur

Laguna Niguel (2-1)
W: Jerry McCloskey
W: Laurie Davies
L: Brad Barber

Laguna Woods (3-0)
W: Cynthia S. Conners
W: Milton W. Robbins
W: Noel Hatch

Lake Forest (1-1)
W: Dwight Robinson
L: Jim Gardner

Los Alamitos (1-0)
W: Richard D. Murphy

Mission Viejo (1-1)
W: Frank Ury
L: Wendy Bucknum

Newport Beach (0-0)

Orange (1-2)
W: Tita Smith (Mayor)
L: Ray Grangoff
L: Richard Callahan

Placentia (3-0)
W: Jeremy Yamaguchi
W: Scott Nelson
W: Constance “Connie” Underhill

Rancho Santa Margarita (3-0)
W: Tony Beall
W: Carol Gamble
W: Brad McGirr

San Clemente (0-2)
L: Jim Dahl
L: Mike Mortenson

San Juan Capistrano (1-1)
W: Roy L. Byrnes
L: Kim McCarthy

Santa Ana (0-1)
L: Charles Hart

Seal Beach (0-0)

Stanton (2-0)
W: Carol Warren
W: Al Ethans

Tustin (2-1)
W: John Nielsen
W: Charles E. “Chuck” Puckett
L: Tracy Worley Hagen

Villa Park (0-0)

Westminster (0-3)
L: Ha Minch Mach (Mayor)
L: Charlie Nguyen Manh Chi
L: Helena Rutkowski

Yorba Linda (2-1)
W: Mark Schwing
W: Eugene J. “Gene” Hernandez
L: Nancy Rikel

The Register went 39-27 in Council races (2-1 in mayoral races if you count those separately from Council races), endorsing the winner 59% of the time.

On ballot measures, here’s what happened with The Register’s endorsements:

Ballot Measure OC Register OC Voters Statewide Voters
Proposition 30 No No Yes
Proposition 31 No No No
Proposition 32 Yes Yes No
Proposition 33 Yes Yes No
Proposition 34 No No No
Proposition 35 Yes Yes Yes
Proposition 36 Yes Yes Yes
Proposition 37 No No No
Proposition 38 No No No
Proposition 39 No Yes Yes
Proposition 40 Yes Yes Yes
Measure M (Coast Community College District – Needs 55% to Pass) No Yes
Measure N (Fountain Valley School District – Needs 55% to Pass) No No
Measure O (La Habra City School District – Needs 55% to Pass) No Yes
Measure P (Ocean View School District – Needs 55% to Pass) No No
Measure Q (Rancho Santiago Community College District – Needs 55% to Pass) No Yes
Measure S (Tustin Unified School District – Needs 55% to Pass) No Yes
Measure T (Brea) No Yes
Measure U (Brea) No No
Measure V (Costa Mesa) Yes No
Measure W (Fullerton) Yes No
Measure X (Fullerton) Yes Yes
Measure Y (Garden Grove) No Yes
Measure Z (Huntington Beach) Yes No
Measure AA (Huntington Beach) Yes Yes
Measure BB (Irvine) No Yes
Measure CC (Laguna Beach) No No
Measure DD (Los Alamitos) No Yes
Measure EE (Newport Beach) No Yes
Measure FF (Orange) Yes No
Measure GG (Santa Ana) No Yes
Measure HH (Tustin) Yes Yes

On statewide ballot measures, The Register went 10-1 (91%) with Orange County voters but 7-4 (64%) with California voters.

On local ballot measures, The Register went 7-14 (33%) with the voters.

I’ll still be number crunching over the next days and weeks, but despite what looks like a dismal endorsement record, it appears The Register was actually middle of the pack on their endorsement success rate in Orange County.

3 Responses to “How Well Did the OC Register’s Endorsements Go?”

  1. Matthew Cunningham said

    Chris, good, very informative post. I was curious what the OCR’s scorecard would be, given how bizarre some of the endorsements were.

    A correction is due on your initial paragraph, however: this is no the first year the OC Register has endorsed candidates. That actually started in the 2010 cycle. I think this is the first year their candidate endorsement effort has been comprehensive.

  2. David Boyd said

    It could get worse. In Costa Mesa, Gary Monahan only leads the union candidate by 110 votes with over 3,000 ballots outstanding and Gary’s lead has shrunk every day. If Gary loses it would tip the balance of power in CM (and for all practical purposes make the city a wholly owned subsidiary of the employee unions who “invested” over $500,000 in the races).

    Know anyone who would like to buy my house in CM?

  3. Publius said

    I’m pretty sure that the OCRegister backed Chris Norby over Sharon Quirk-Silva in the final days of the campaign. Did they endorse any other Assembly, State Senate, or Congressional candidates?

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