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Investigator Tied To Union Law Firm Admits To Trying To Set Up Costa Mesa Council Member Gary Monahan In Sexual Sting (Updated)

Posted by Greg Woodard on November 13, 2012

While many of us conservatives are still licking our wounds from Tuesday, we get more information about the vile attacks those on the left will resort to in an effort to further tighten their grip on our wallets, our government, and our future.  Case in point – Frank Mickadeit reported last week in the Orange County Register about the thuggish tactics that the opposition in Costa Mesa to the City Council majority (now consisting of Jim Righeimer, Gary Monahan, and Steve Mensinger) will use.  Many of you will remember the harrowing story a couple of months ago where Righeimer was tailed home from Skosh Monahan’s by Chris Lanzillo, an investigator who worked for a law firm that represented the Costa Mesa police union, as well as many other public employee unions in the state.  Lanzillo appears to have made a false police report claiming that Righeimer stumbled out of Skosh Monahan’s and was driving erratically on his way home.  The police took the unprecedented step of going to Righeimer’s home and conducting a sobriety test.  Righeimer passed with flying colors, since all he had at Skosh’s was a diet coke (he had the receipt to prove it).  However, the damage was done as Righeimer’s young daughters had to watch in horror, wondering if their dad was going to be arrested.

As if that were not bad enough, Righeimer was not even the investigator’s target.  As Mickadeit reports, Lanzillo was hired by someone (he wouldn’t say who) to try to catch Gary Monahan, Skosh’s owner, in a compromising position with a woman who had been sent to entrap Monahan, who is married.  The woman appeared to be in her 30s, she wore a low-cut top, and she was flirting with Monahan.  Nothing came of the event, but Lanzillo got his “bonus” when Righeimer showed up.

Lanzillo also admitted that he was hired to dig up dirt on Mensinger and Colin McCarthy, who ran with Mensinger and Monahan but fell short of his City Council bid.  McCarthy responded to the article, saying “that these kind of dirty tricks keep good citizens from running from local office.  It definitely  has a chilling effect on our democratic process.  I hope the DA prosecutes this guy.”

The District Attorney is investigating the event, and hopefully the shameless thugs who did this will be revealed and prosecuted.  While Lanzillo will not admit who hired him, anyone who does not think it will tie in somehow with the unions, well I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would love to sell you.


The plot thickens.  To answer Dan Chmielewski, a crime may have been committed by Lanzillo and others.  Tony Saavedra reported in the Orange County Register today that county prosecutors are investigating Lanzillo on a “conspiracy to file a false police report” with the possibility of more serious charges to come.  The investigation has expanded to include another private investigator who works for Lanzillo.  Both men had their houses searched and cell phones, computers, and other electronics were taken for analysis.  In addition, prosecutors have a search warrant for the cell phone records of police union lawyer Dieter Dammeier, who has employed both investigators in the past.

Saavedra also noted that there is a separate investigation in El Monte, where the former city manager filed a police report last year that said he was followed for days by a car similar to the one Lanzillo owns.  Lanzillo would not confirm or deny that he is the one who followed the city manager.

Stay tuned as this story does not seem to be going away any time soon.

4 Responses to “Investigator Tied To Union Law Firm Admits To Trying To Set Up Costa Mesa Council Member Gary Monahan In Sexual Sting (Updated)”

  1. David Boyd said

    This would be troubling under any circumstances but it’s particularly troubling when some of the people who are sworn to protect us are behind it.

  2. No one condones these poor maneuvers, but what crime was committed exactly? Flirting isn’t against the law since nothing happened, just what is the DA supposed to prosecute? If smears were unlawful, Jim Bieber would be out of business.

  3. David Boyd said

    Apparently at least a few people do condone these maneuvers. The “game plan” was on the website of the law firm that employed the PI.

    What about filing a false police report? Maybe extortion?

    Personally I hope Righeimer files a civil lawsuit. As a public official he’s unlikely to win but it would be great to get these thugs under oath.

    More than a few folks are wondering if Costa Mesa has turned into 1930’s Chicago.

  4. David Boyd said

    One last comment before I move on…

    This morning I received a letter from the CM Police Association which contained the following:.

    “Once again, I am proud to take this opportunity, as President of the Costa Mesa Police Association, to extend my most sincere gratitude for your generous support. These have been difficult times for all walks of our community, so we understand how valuable your donation today is to our group. It is with great pride and appreciation I am including with this letter, your 2012 Costa Mesa Police Association decal. As a donor, you are among the few to receive this decal and WE ARE VERY PROUD WHEN WE SEE THEM DISPLAYED.” (Emphasis added)

    The letter mentions “community outreach” but never mentions that they’re actually a union. “Donors who pledge $100 or more will also receive a CMPA Lapel Pin.” (I might recommend this if you’re leaving Monahan’s after having two diet Cokes.)

    I’ve never donated to the CM Police Association but I did receive my decal and a link to their website where I can make my expected contribution. (The website also contains a nice picture of what’s apparently the official Costa Mesa Police Association badge.) Wonder if their attitude is different when they don’t see a decal or a lapel pin?

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