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Election Day Again: Fatigue is Starting to Set in

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 7, 2012

Is it just me or is anybody else starting to get sick of these Republican primaries? Today is yet another election day in Colorado and Minnesota.

Colorado- Romney looks like he is going to run away with this one and it should not come as a huge surprise. What does surprise me though is that Santorum appears to be running 2nd in the polls, with Gingrich and Paul about the same. 36 delegates are at stake in this election in a closed non-binding caucus.

Minnesota- Santorum and Romney are polling extremely close to each other for the lead, but Gingrich and Paul are not that far behind. This one will definitely be the most fun to watch in what could end up being a big night for Romney if he wins both. 40 delegates are at stake in this non-binding open caucus.

Stay tuned for a recap tonight of the results.

One Response to “Election Day Again: Fatigue is Starting to Set in”

  1. Connor Duckworth said

    A Santorum win could mean a ton of pressure added to those already “dropping out” rumors for Gingrich

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