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BREAKING NEWS: Troy Edgar Drops Out of CD 47 Race, Jumps in AD 72 Race

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 7, 2012

In a surprising turn of events Los Alamitos Counclman Troy Edgar has dropped out of the 47th Congressional District race and jumped into the 72nd Assembly District race. Edgar was the fundraising leader in CD 47 if you count money loaned to yourself ($400,000). This was in a race that included former Congressman Steve Kuykendall and Long Beach City Councilman Gary DeLong.

Realistically this race would have been a tough one for Edgar despite having the fundraising lead because Orange County is a small portion of the new district and on top of that the Democrats have a registration advantage. Having State Senator Alan Lowenthal running on the other side of the aisle does not help things either.

The Assembly race is no picnic either though having to go against Westminster Councilman Tyler Diep, Huntington Beach Councilman Matt Harper, and Orange County Board of Education Trustee Long Pham. However, this is a safe Republican seat and the last one of these guys standing will likely run away with this in the General election when facing off against Joe Dovinh who is likely to make it to the run-off.

I am impressed with the fact that Edgar dropped out of the Congressional race considering he has to walk away from some of the money in his committee that he set up for the congressional race. Los Alamitos is a small part of AD 72 but if Edgar is willing to throw some money at this race I could see him pulling this off.

3 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Troy Edgar Drops Out of CD 47 Race, Jumps in AD 72 Race”

  1. Scott Carpenter said

    There’s rumors circulating, even referenced in a comment here yesterday, that Diep will drop out. Edgar is currently listed on Diep’s endorsers, so there’s probably truth to that rumor.

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