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AD-55 Watch: Diamond Bar Councilman Tye Enters and Fee-Tax Position Haunts

Posted by Allen Wilson on January 24, 2014


Diamond Bar Councilman Steve Tye has thrown his hat in the ring as a GOP Candidate for State Assembly in the 55th Assembly District.

Mr. Tye was first elected to the Diamond Bar City Council in November 2005 after losing in a bitter June 2005 Special Election contest to Jack Tanaka for a seat that was vacant due to Bob Huff elevation to the State Assembly in 2004.  Mr. Tye has been re-elected in 2009 and as recently in 2013.

On June 25, 2013, OC Political article entitled “55th AD Watch:  Another Candidate Dual Run?” inquired at the time whether Councilman Tye was flirting a run for two offices:  City Council and State Assembly.

Those inquiries are now put to a rest with confirmation that Mr. Tye is indeed an Assembly candidate.

However, Mr. Tye position on taxes and fees may not sit well with Conservative voters in the GOP safe Assembly District, especially in North Orange County portion of the 55th Assembly District.

On September 21, 2010, the Diamond Bar City Council unanimously approved an increase of user fees for Community Services, Public Works and Community Development Departments to be phased in the next three years tied with CPI (Consumer Price Index) beginning on July 1, 2010.

Diamond Bar City Manager James DeStefano submitted the 40 page report to the council for approval.

This contributor spoke to the Diamond Bar City Council on September 21, 2010 with a reminder that an increase of user fees are misguided in an unstable economy and that such user fees are taxes which comes out of someone’s pocket one way or the other.

Councilmember Tye was adamant with a defensive tone, according to September 21, 2010 Council Minutes, by stating:

“…this is not a tax but a user fee.”

“…was a proponent for adding a fee for licensing a cat.”

“…it is appropriate if it costs $100 to issue a permit to have a water heater install in his home that he should pay the $100.”

“…likes the idea of someone plans to add to his home he pays the fees for it.”

When the City gets closer to recovering those user fees, it will be better for all of the citizens of Diamond Bar.”

The Orange County Register Editorial on September 21, 2010 clarifies during the debate over Proposition 26 proposal to close loopholes regarding fees and the two-thirds vote requirement for approval by the state legislature:  “Calling fees what they are:  Taxes“.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has been vigorously fighting over the Fire Fee (Tax) that was approved in 2011 along party lines with Democrats support and Republicans opposed in the state legisature and signed into law by Governor Brown.

The $150 Fire Fee (Tax) for Fiscal Years 2011-12 AND 2012-2013 has effected hundreds and thousands of properties under the CalFire’s jurisdiction known as the State Responsibility Area.

So, Mr. Tye says “a fee is not a tax” may not have read the Orange County Register article, has a lack of understanding of why HJTA is fighting a fire fee that is a tax and surely has a lot of explaining to the voters in the 55th Assembly District whom loathe fees AND taxes.

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Transgender Bill Becomes Campaign Fodder in City Council Contest

Posted by Allen Wilson on October 16, 2013

Diamond Bar Council Candidate Joseph Kim is making some hay regarding AB 1266 in a campaign mailer drop.

AB1266Kim 002

AB 1266 was authored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown that would allow transgender students to use school facilities reflecting their gender identity.

The Transgender bill faces referendum challenge by the Privacy for All Students campaign, which faces long odds of collecting 505,000 signatures by the November 12th, 2013 deadline to qualify for the November 2014 statewide ballot.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Mr. Kim will gain some traction by pushing the transgender controversy as a campaign fodder in local council campaign.

If Mr. Kim is successful, then Diamond Bar will become ground zero for future campaigns in 2014 for statewide and legislative candidates to capitalize the controversy surrounding AB 1266.

The Diamond Bar City Council election is slated for November 5th.

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55th AD Watch: Another Candidate Dual Run?

Posted by Allen Wilson on June 25, 2013

We reported last month about Diamond Bar Councilwoman Ling-Ling Chang flirting a run for two offices:  City Council and State Assembly.

OC Political learned that Diamond Bar Councilman Steve Tye who is up for council re-election this November is flirting a run for State Assembly in the 55th AD in 2014 as well.

When Tye was confronted about his flirtatious run for two offices replied, “Where did you hear that from?”

Pols should learn not to answer a question with a question.

Now, it begs the question:  Why are pols bringing out the yardstick and the crystal ball?

Candidates should learn that running for office doesn’t allow you to use two lifelines as if running for public office is a game show.


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Assembly Candidate announces campaign in Neighboring District

Posted by Allen Wilson on May 25, 2013

On May 2nd, OC Political posted an article by asking the question:  “Ling-Ling Chang runs for council re-election AND Assembly?”

In today’s edition of the Diamond Bar-Walnut Patch answers the question with confirmation that Councilwoman Chang is indeed running for both offices, which means running dual campaigns is a tough one with considerable political risks.

Though, Councilwoman Chang made her announcement at a press conference at Pacific Palms Resort in the City of Industry, which is located in the 57th Assembly District represented by Assemblyman Ian Calderon (D-Whittier).

However, an Assembly Candidate should make such announcement in the district he/she running for and not a neighboring district.

Suffice to say…pulling up an Assembly District is very simple by going to Google. 

Whoever advised Councilwoman Chang to hold a press conference in a neighboring district has committed a huge political blunder for the candidate.

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Ling-Ling Chang runs for council re-election AND Assembly?

Posted by Allen Wilson on May 2, 2013

Assemblyman Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills, District 55) is serving his third and final term in the lower house of the California legislature.  Hagman is unable to run for another term due to term limit rules.

OC Political just learned today that Diamond Bar Councilwoman Ling-Ling Chang will be having her Assembly kickoff campaign at a fundraiser on May 31, 2013 in Rowland Heights.

The 55th Assembly District covers all or portions of the following cities:  Brea, Diamond Bar, Chino Hills, City of Industry, Placentia, Rowland Heights, Walnut, West Covina and Yorba Linda.  The district leans Republican as the registration is 41% Republican, 31% Democrat and 22% No Party Preference (formerly known as DTS).

Councilwoman Chang is serving her first term on the Diamond Bar City Council who is up for election this November. 

However, Chang has come out of the gate as the first Assembly candidate for the June 2014 Primary Election will raise some eyebrows for Diamond Bar voters.

We tried to reach out to Councilwoman Chang as to whether she is running for re-election for council AND Assembly and got no reply.

There are other potential candidates who are on the bench such as Placentia Councilman Jeremy Yamaguchi and Walnut-Valley Unified School District Trustee Phillip Chen, but have not declared as an Assembly candidate. 

There maybe a wildcard candidate that could change the dynamics in the contest this contributor learned today.

Suffice to say that the 55th Assembly District will be one of many open seats in 2014 to be watched by many political observers.

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