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Assembly Candidate announces campaign in Neighboring District

Posted by Allen Wilson on May 25, 2013

On May 2nd, OC Political posted an article by asking the question:  “Ling-Ling Chang runs for council re-election AND Assembly?”

In today’s edition of the Diamond Bar-Walnut Patch answers the question with confirmation that Councilwoman Chang is indeed running for both offices, which means running dual campaigns is a tough one with considerable political risks.

Though, Councilwoman Chang made her announcement at a press conference at Pacific Palms Resort in the City of Industry, which is located in the 57th Assembly District represented by Assemblyman Ian Calderon (D-Whittier).

However, an Assembly Candidate should make such announcement in the district he/she running for and not a neighboring district.

Suffice to say…pulling up an Assembly District is very simple by going to Google. 

Whoever advised Councilwoman Chang to hold a press conference in a neighboring district has committed a huge political blunder for the candidate.

6 Responses to “Assembly Candidate announces campaign in Neighboring District”

  1. Bailbondman said

    The Pacific Palms Resort is the employer of Mei-Mei Huff, wife of the current state Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff. Both Mei-Mei and Bob endorsed Ling Ling Chang for Assembly. The resort probably didn’t charge Ling Ling anything for the press conference. Now do you see the logic behind this venue?

    • OC Insider #29 (aka Greg Diamond) said

      Interesting. What other potentially unrecorded in-kind contributions do you know about?

  2. I truly doubt anyone will care about where she announced.

    Who else is running for this seat?

  3. Insider said

    Three other very strong candidates are currently poised in Ling Ling’s back yard. All are more experienced and have real resumes. Any of them will take her out. He phony job at the Youth Science center is simply a joke. He claims to be an educator are even more outrageous. Bob Huff’s attempt to build a resume calling her a Woman of the Year is also a crock.

    The deal cooked up to run a carpet bagger in Orange County and Ling Ling in the 55th is an unholy alliance which will ensure that Silva will keep the North OC Democratic and lead to a 55th AD disaster leaving the district severly weakened. If Jay Chen goes after the 55th with all his labor money, the LA portion of the district could tilt it Democratic.

    What in the world are Royce and Huff thinking. Mei Mei’s new foray as a political consultant will blank out this time.

    • Reader said

      The action in this district is still on the Republican side and it will take quite a few more cycles and a very heavy lift by the dems to make this district competitive (Yorba Linda/Placentia/Brea are still the anchor cities in this district). Keep in mind also that the 29th Senate District is open in 2016 after Huff is termed out and one of the reasons there are so many candidates on the bench here is that some may be hoping to use the 55th as a springboard for a run at that seat (Chang could be Huff’s chosen candidate to replace him.) Also, Jay Chen resides in Hacienda Heights, which is not in the 55th.

      • Insider said

        Jay Chen can move into the 55th just as easy as Young Kim will do moving into Silva’s district. Ling Ling is a weak candidate with no following in the 55th. The spawning cities are Walnut and Diamond Bar. Bob Pacheco came from Walnut and Bob Huff came from Diamond Bar. Mei Mei came from Walnut.

        The big candidates will be coming out in a few months. Already, the people who endorsed Ling Ling are co-endorsing her opponents as they have been identified. Why aren’t her fellow council members standing beside her? You can put lipstick on a ….bad candidate.

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