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Voter Recommendations – Poll Voter Edition Including Judge Elections!

Posted by Craig P Alexander on November 3, 2018

This coming Tuesday, November 6, 2018 is Election Day.  While a great many people have already voted by absentee ballot (now known as Mail In Ballot), there is still a strong contingent of people who go to the polling places and vote in person on Election Day.  If you have not voted yet this post is for you.

As I stated in my earlier post on October 1, 2018, there is a stark contrast between what Republican candidates wish to do in Congress and what Democratic candidates wish to do.  Here is a link to that post: What’s at Stake For Orange County Voters This November 6th?

Voting for Democrats is a vote for bigger, larger and more in your face government.  Voting for Republicans is a vote for liberty, personal choice, the current economic boom, less government and less taxation.  In my opinion not voting at all is a vote for Democrats. A few days ago Kathy Tavoularis penned an excellent article (that Chris Nguyen cross-posted here at O.C. Political) entitled:  Are You Willing to Let Your Orange County Vote Be Bought by New York, Boston, and San Francisco?

Kathy’s article is 100% correct, insightful and clearly lays out that a vote for any of the Democratic candidates is really a vote for Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and what they stand for –  not a vote against Donald Trump.  If you are on the fence about voting for one of these Democratic candidates (or staying home and not voting), and especially if you are either a Republican or a conservative Independent / Libertarian voter, I highly recommend you read Kathy’s article before you step into the voting booth.

For those who would like to see my recommendations for voters, here is the latest version of my Craig’s Voter Recommendations (which I sometimes call “Craig’s Pics“): Craig’s Pics Nov 2018 Updated 10-31-18

Once you go to that link – you can print them out and take them with you to the polling station (and give your friends copies too).  This final version has recommendations for the judicial races (I get lots of questions about Judge races).

I also recommend you go to Robyn Nordell’s web site www.robynnordell.com. Robyn also publishes a lot of recommendations for races I do not cover / give an opinion on.  Here is Robyn’s Orange County page: Robyn’s Picks for the OC.

Craig Alexander is an attorney, a former elected member of the Orange County Republican Party Central Committee and a former officer in the California Republican Assembly.  His practice is located in Dana Point and his law practice areas include Office/Commercial Leasing, HOA law, Insurance law, Civil Litigation and the California Public Records Act.



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OC Political March Madness Pool

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 18, 2013

It is that time of year again. Much Madness is upon us and OC Political is offering a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card to the winner of our free pool. All we ask is that people use their real names in order to make it easier for us to reward the winner with the prize.

Congrats go out to last years winner Sean Mill. Can he pull a repeat again this year or will the champion be someone different. This year I am told that despite Stanford and USC not being in the tourney Chris Nguyen will bless us with his presence.

Here are the instructions to enter the pool which we have set up through Yahoo!

Go to http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/register/joingroup
Our Group ID # is 100002
Our Password is reagan

Let me know if you have any issues. We are looking forward to another fun filled contest.


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Lake Forest Councilman Arrested

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 5, 2013

In another episode of politicians behaving badly we found out that Lake Forest Councilman Peter Herzog was arrested for a DUI that allegedly took place on November 17th. This is the second such story of DUI we have posted to this blog in the past few months after Chris Nguyen broke the identity of former Assemblyman Richard Robinson being arrested for DUI in Sacramento.

The only other politician that we have posted about who faced trouble from Tony Rackauckas was an article written by me on Buena Park Councilman Miller Oh allegedly dodging child support payments. It is important to note that Miller Oh has not yet resigned from the Buena Park City Council, although he will likely have trouble trying to get re-elected in 2014 if he does try it.

I remember back in my Red County days following the story of Westminster Councilman Andy Quach getting busted for a DUI. He had the honesty to plead guilty to the charges and actually retained his seat on the Westminster City Council when it was up.

The jury is still out on Herzog (no pun intended) as to whether or not he will contest the charges. H/T to the Orange County Register who appears to have broken the story yesterday. Kudos to Sarah de Crescenzo from the OC Register for authoring the piece.

LAKE FOREST – Longtime Councilman Peter Herzog was driving with a blood-alcohol content of more than twice the legal limit when he was arrested outside his Lake Forest home in November, according to a complaint filed Jan. 24 by the District Attorney’s Office.

According to the complaint, Herzog, 57, had a blood-alcohol content of 0.18 percent. The legal limit in California is 0.08 percent.

Article Tab: Booking photo of Peter Herzog.

“This has been expected, and we’ll continue to move on from here,” said Herzog when informed of the complaint Monday.

Herzog has been a member of the Lake Forest City Council since he was elected in 1994, and has served as mayor six times.

Witnesses called police Nov. 17 to report a possible drunken driver near Lake Forest Drive and Regency Lane. The witnesses, who said the person was driving erratically, trailed the vehicle to a home on Coventry Lane.

Deputies arrived, identified Herzog as the driver and arrested him on suspicion of drunken driving, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

The councilman has been charged with driving under the influence. The District Attorney’s Office complaint notes Herzog’s blood-alcohol content topped 0.15 percent, a level that under state law could affect sentencing or terms of probation.

Herzog is scheduled for arraignment March 14.

Contact the writer: 949-454-7307 or sdecrescenzo@ocregister.com

Correction: The complaint in this case was filed Jan. 24 by the District Attorney’s Office. Because of a reporting error, the date was incorrect in an earlier version of this story that appeared on ocregister.com.

Herzog was back on the Councilman during the dark days of no transparency (my opinion) in Lake Forest. They still have some of the worst meeting minutes kept in Orange County. Recently Lake Forest has elected some more business/freedom friendly Republicans in Dwight Robinson, Adam Nick, and Scott Voigts.

We will keep readers posted as more information comes out on the story.


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The Time Has Come Live Blogging: 8-20-2012 OC GOP Central Committee

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on August 20, 2012

UPDATED 9:07 PM- We are now onto bylaws issues and I am done for the night.

UPDATED 9:04 PM- Todd Spitzer is pointing out that the endorsement is controversial and should be sent to the endorsements committee. The ayes have it and the endorsement will be sent to the endorsements committee.

UPDATED 9:02 PM- Charles Hart is now speaking about the work he has done in Santa Ana for both the community and the OC GOP.

UPDATED 8:59 PM- Brett Franklin is now speaking about how Carlos Bustamante is what he referred to as a problem. He is asking that the Central Committee take some time to look into both candidates and not rush to endorse 1 over the other.

UPDATED 8:57 PM- Scott Baugh is making a speech as to the situation that exists when 2 members from the Central Committee are both running for the same office. Read the rest of this entry »

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Red County Appears To Be Going Away

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on August 3, 2012

The rumor that I have just been made aware of is that today i the last day that Red County (Orange County) will be up online. One of the reasons that we started this blog was because we believe that they lost sight over there as to what it meant to be a local blog. As many of you know I got my first real start in blogging at Red County and it is actually really sad to see it go away.

I am actually sort of sad to see it go because it used to be a really good blog back in the days when Matt Cunningham, Chip Hanlon, etc… were running the show over there. Once they started censoring posts that writers were trying to put up and also leaving a 3 day delay between when posts were submitted and posted I realized that things were just not the same.

As we approach 100,000 hits here at OC Political we (Erik Brown, Chris Nguyen, and myself) want to thank the readership and hopefully welcome in some new readership from those that used to read Red County.

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Dr. Ken Williams and Robert Hammond Sworn in as Trustees for the Orange County Board of Education

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on July 19, 2012

Today I had the honor of attending the swearing in ceremony of Dr. Ken Williams and Robert Hammond for their terms on the Orange County Board of Education. For those who are already familiar with the OCBOE, you know that Dr. Ken Williams has been a conservative voice on that Board for many years. I was glad that Dr. Williams not only won re-election but by a large majority of those voting in his Trustee area.

Robert Hammond is the new comer to the Board having just won his election on June 5th. Robert had a tough race against several opponents but he worked very, very hard to reach out to the voters in his Trustee Area and it paid off in his win on Election Day. Robert will be a strong conservative voice on this Board and I am encouraged by his election as a Republican in an area that has many Democrats and Decline to State voters.

What might not be so well known is our publishers Chris Emami and Chris Nguyen of Custom Campaigns were the campaigns managers for both Dr. Williams and Mr. Hammond. They did a great job of planning and executing successful election and re-election campaigns on shoe string budgets. With these two successes and their past successes with other school board races, Custom Campaigns is becoming the go to group for getting elected to a school board in Orange County.

Congratulations Chris & Chris!

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Thank You To Our Readers For A Great February

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on March 1, 2012

I want to quickly take a moment this morning to thank our readers for what has been a great February. We started this blog with the hopes that it might make it past the first week, and here just over a month later we are still standing. This blog would not be possible without the great blogpen we have and the commentary that we receive from our readers.

So a heartfelt thank you from the founders of this blog including myself, Chris Nguyen, and Erik Brown. Hopefully we can make March that much better. If you have not already done so I would encourage those of you who enjoy reading this blog to do the following:

1. Follow the blog via WordPress in order to get e-mail updates once a post goes up. (See top of blog)
2. Like us on Facebook 
3. Follow us on Twitter

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