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Red County Appears To Be Going Away

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on August 3, 2012

The rumor that I have just been made aware of is that today i the last day that Red County (Orange County) will be up online. One of the reasons that we started this blog was because we believe that they lost sight over there as to what it meant to be a local blog. As many of you know I got my first real start in blogging at Red County and it is actually really sad to see it go away.

I am actually sort of sad to see it go because it used to be a really good blog back in the days when Matt Cunningham, Chip Hanlon, etc… were running the show over there. Once they started censoring posts that writers were trying to put up and also leaving a 3 day delay between when posts were submitted and posted I realized that things were just not the same.

As we approach 100,000 hits here at OC Political we (Erik Brown, Chris Nguyen, and myself) want to thank the readership and hopefully welcome in some new readership from those that used to read Red County.

4 Responses to “Red County Appears To Be Going Away”

  1. I was never censored, even when going for the jugular of one of the original investors, and i always appreciated that editorial integrity. Sorry you experienced otherwise, I had no idea.

    When the site expanded to national coverage the plan was to have pros managing each region. Not sure what broke down but at one point I realized Chip was managing the site alone. He let me have the keys to the car so i could help, but it is impossible to manage with a couple unpaid non-techies in our free time. He would never be ungentlemanly enough to tell what happened, but I sure got the feeling the money people expanded and then let it twisting in the wind without resources to support the expansion. We will never know, I am sure it was all done with the best of intentions, but I am sad that what could have been a real game-changer for some close races has been lost.

    I am very grateful to Matt Cunningham for inviting me into his sandbox, even when he knew the likelihood of me throwing sand at his friends. And I am thankful to Chip Hanlon for bringing me into the inner circle when the expansion was planned, it meant a lot to feel so valued, and I will crawl across broken glass for that man if he ever wants to tackle a project in the future. Somehow we will all find ways to hold our leaders accountable, but this is a real loss for both sides of the political spectrum.

  2. Aaron F Park aka Sgt. York said

    Chris – I am glad you got your Own Gig and that you are getting traffic. That’s awesome.

    Just remember to guard your integrity jealously and this blog will live on as long as it needs to.

    P.S. thanks for promoting CRA, we appreciate it a lot!

    Your friend from up North.

  3. aaronfpark said

    Chris – congrats on the blog and on the traffic.

    Many here know various accounts of my experience with Red County.

    Without inciting a debate – my advice to you guys is to jealously guard your integrity. It is the only thing you really control and no one can take it away unless you let them.

    Thanks also for Promoting CRA – we appreciate it very much!

    Your friend from up north…

  4. […] to what they have accomplished over the years. This announcement comes less than a year after Red County announced that they would be closing their doors. The number of right leaning blogs in Orange County has shrunk quite a bit since 2006 which is […]

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