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Royce Mailer Hits Chen on $716 Billion cuts from Medicare

Posted by Allen Wilson on September 22, 2012

Today, the Royce for Congress campaign has hit the mailboxes throughout the 39th CD (Diamond Bar, Fullerton) on a devastating glossy black and white four piece attack towards Democratic candidate for Congress Jay Chen.

It opens up with these words:

“Jay Chen supports CUTTING $716 Billion from Medicare — to pay for the Federal Health Care Take Over”

The insert goes on to say:

“Jay Chen’s plan for Health Care?  Rob $716 Billion from Medicare, Tax Wheelchairs and Medical Devices, Bloat the federal bureaucracy with 159 new boards, agencies and programs to regulate doctors and patients”

“If you are like most Americans, you pay for Medicare with every paycheck you receive.  It’s an investment you made – and deserve to collect”

It appears the continuing campaign theme of “Medicare” by Congressional Republicans campaign to retain control of the House by hitting the Democrats hard on the issue of $716 Billion cuts from Medicare to pay for the “Affordability Care Act” a.k.a. “Obamacare”.

My colleague, Chris Emami, penned his article dated September 10, 2012 entitled “2012 General Election Predictions: 39th Congressional District” predicting that Rep. Ed Royce will win the seat for the Republicans.

Though, Rep. Ed Royce is taking no chances and with $2 Million plus in his campaign war chest could help deliver the GOTV efforts not just for himself, but for other Republicans in the area like Senator Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) and Assemblymembers Curt Hagman (R-Chino Hills) and Chris Norby (R-Fullerton).

The mailer is effective and by all accounts the campaign charge of accusing the Democrats of cutting $716 Billion from Medicare must by an indicator that is working, because key Congressional Democrats are increasingly writing off retaking control of the House in 2012.




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