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Voter Recommendations Still Available at Robyn Nordell’s Web Site and a Response to Brenda Higgins

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on May 22, 2018

Here at Casa Alexander we have received our mail in ballots.  We will vote soon and end the string of political mail we have been getting every day.

As I noted before, if you are looking for help in voting Robyn Nordell has a very comprehensive web site with voter guides by people who are not paid a penny for their “endorsements” of any candidate or proposition.  Here is my prior post on this: Looking for Voter Recommendations? Here are some?

Robyn has been kind enough to put my own voter recommendations there in her Orange County section of her web site.  Here are my recommendations for those who would like to check them out: Craig’s Pics June 2018 – Final.

I have already written about one race – the race for Governor: Travis Allen – Not So Pro Life!  

Here is a link to Robyn’s web site:  Robyn Nordell.

Today I read Brenda Higgins’ post on this site about why she is voting for Travis Allen and her criticism of the analysis by persons like myself who have concluded that Mr. Allen’s many and consistent abstentions on bills, etc. on the life issue are incorrect.  First I wish to say I appreciate her tone as she is not attacking anyone’s character – too many times in this campaign season I have seen the reaction to these facts has not been to refute the facts but to cry out “You are evil for saying these things!”  Thank you Brenda for being civil about this.  I have said this consistently (on Facebook and here) that either Travis Allen or John Cox would be a better Governor than any of the Democratic candidates and I will support Mr. Allen if he is one of the two candidates running in November (I believe the chances of both of them being the “top two” candidates is very slim indeed).  Ms. Higgins respectful tone helps towards that end and I wish more people in both camps would take that route so we can unite behind one of the two after June 5th.

With all of that said I disagree with Ms. Higgins analysis.  First if anyone needs to step up and explain Travis Allen’s votes it is Travis Allen himself.  Yet he is very, very quiet on this issue and I am sure he knows of the criticism and position of people like myself.  Why doesn’t he contact people like Gina Gleason who was one of the people who researched all of these votes and put out the memo I linked to in my prior post? Here is that memo again: Travis Allen 2018Mr. Allen – silence is not golden!

In addition, while Ms. Higgins’ review of one of the pieces of legislation brings up good points about that specific bill, that does not explain at all why he abstained for so many bills and resolutions on the life issue.  Why he did not join his fellow Republicans in voting no?  Ms. Higgins states that Mr. Allen’s vote would not have mattered given the huge majority the Democrats have in the Assembly.  By that logic none of the Assembly Republicans should have voted yes or no on any of the bills.  Hum…we elected members of the Assembly to vote on bills even if they lose the votes.  Otherwise why are they there? In fact, by this logic none of the Republicans in the Assembly should ever vote on any bill where they know their position will not win the day.

In my opinion the statement on behalf of Mr. Allen that “my vote doesn’t matter” does not square with the claim that Travis Allen is a fighter – a fighter for the pro-life cause or any other cause does not stand down and not register a vote of No to bad legislation!

What this string of abstentions (until 2018 as a candidate for Governor) tells me is either he was ducking the issue or he is “Not so Pro-Life” as he claims.

Finally one of the criticisms of John Cox has been that he voted for Gary Johnson for President in 2016.  A bad decision but Mr. Cox has publicly admitted this was a mistake.  The other argument against Mr. Cox is he has no voting record on the life issue.  True – but I do for Mr. Allen and it is not good.  So I am going to cast my vote for John Cox for the June 5th primary top two election.  But if Mr. Allen and not Mr. Cox advances to the top two I will support his candidacy in November.  Either Mr. Allen or Mr. Cox will be better than Gavin Newsom.

Craig Alexander is an attorney at law and a resident of South Orange County.  He practices law in the areas of the California Public Records Act, Office / Commercial Leasing, Insurance Law,  HOA law, Business Law and Litigation.  He can be reached at Craig@craigalexanderlaw.com

4 Responses to “Voter Recommendations Still Available at Robyn Nordell’s Web Site and a Response to Brenda Higgins”

  1. Civility begets civility, Craig, and I have nothing but tremendous respect for you. You commitment to the cause is so commendable. I felt the need for a deeper and different analysis on this one particular issue, and it is not clear to me, why there is not a greater push for funding and legislation favoring life affirming pregnancy centers. Women, especially poor women, should have choices that span beyond the one choice that Planned Parenthood offers. I think there is even further analysis of this particular legislation (SB743) that is warranted, but I suppose time will show us how it will work. Thank you for your response. I know you and others will be with me in constant prayer over this coming election. California is headed in a wrong direction on so many issues.

  2. Desare Ferraro said

    Craig, thank you for your response to my good and kind friend, Brenda’s incorrect analysis of Travis’ voting record. I was present with Gina Gleason and others as they attempted to get a clear answer from Travis on his claim of being an advocate for life in the state legislature when his record shows otherwise. I agree with you that an absent vote is not the sign of a fighter. Travis may be great on the economy and taxes, but California is also in a cultural and moral crisis. Republicans like Sen. John Moorlach, Sen. Mike Morrell, Assm. Phil Chen, former Assm. Shannon Grove, Assm. Melissa Melendez and more, stand and fight for life with us every day in Sacramento. According to Brenda, they, and I suppose we, are just wasting our time arguing for life in the legislative committee hearings and with votes. Brenda, I also work for a pro life ministry and I just can’t accept that.

  3. California Pro Life Council posted a lengthy video ‘explaining’ the endorsement against Travis Allen. It emphasized SB743 which was related to a woman’s ability to choose her care provider. That would have a direct impact upon life affirming medical clinics, and it is puzzling why Pro-Life groups or activists would have opposed it. I fully understand your experience and expertise in this Desare, as you know, I have tremendous respect for you and value your input. Working in Pro-Life Ministry and activism is laudable, but a life affirming medical pregnancy clinic, is not like every ministry. I was addressing a very specific situation, one in which I personally have conducted intake interviews and observed the treatment of women who are in the category of women that would be affected by that legislation. They should have a choice, and we should not have allowed Planned Parenthood to hijack that word. “Choice” is not a bad word, it is, just a word. It is a GOOD thing when women are respected and afforded REAL choice, and when they can and are treated at Life Affirming MEDICAL clinics. The analysis on this bill, as I have seen from Pro Life lobbyists, missed the mark.

  4. […] as I said in my original response on this blog to Brenda (Voter Recommendations Still Available…), Mr. Allen himself has been completely silent in explaining his abstentions to these bills and […]

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