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Travis Allen – Not so Pro-Life!

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on April 19, 2018

Assemblyman Travis Allen is one of the candidates for Governor of California (web site).  He and John Cox (web site) are the two major Republican candidates.  Either of them would make a far better Governor for California than any of the Democratic candidates.

However, for people who value a politician’s voting record to see how he or she will vote and act on policy issues in the future (here as Governor of California), Mr. Allen’s voting record on the life issue is not consistent with his alleged “pro-life” campaign trail statements and claims.

On a consistent basis Assemblyman Travis Allen has steadily avoided voting yes or no on many, many bills (legislation and resolutions) in the Assembly that deal with the life (i.e. abortion) issue.  The document I have attached here: Travis Allen 2018 was painstakingly researched and put together by my friend Gina Gleason.  It reveals that Mr. Allen has abstained over and over again on bills on the abortion issue.  As an example from Mrs. Gleason’s list:

AB 569 (Gonzales/Fletcher) The bill prohibits an employer (INCLUDING A CHURCH) from requiring employees to sign a code of conduct that prohibits the employee from having an abortion. The bill was sponsored by NARAL Pro Choice California. (9/14/17) Note: Even Gov. Jerry Brown opposed this bill and it was vetoed. Assemblyman Travis Allen was present but abstained.

SJR 19 (Jackson) Both the CA Assembly and Senate urged the President and Congress to support access to abortions, including the services provided by Planned Parenthood, and to oppose efforts to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood. (5/23/16) Assemblyman Travis Allen was present but abstained.

In addition, Planned Parenthood (the largest provider of abortions in the United States) has twice given Mr. Allen a rating of over 50%: 2014 55% and 2016 67% (to be fair he received a zero rating in 2013, 2015 and 2107).  Here is PP’s web site for its scorecard (also listed on Mrs. Gleason’s document about Mr. Allen).

The life issue was the main public policy issue that motivated me to get involved in politics as an activist many years ago. Therefore Mr. Allen’s voting record on this issue is very important to me and who I decide to vote for in June.  If Mr. Allen is one of the top two candidates out of the June primary and the other top two candidate is a Democrat (none of them have stated they are pro-life) I will certainly vote for him as the better of the two choices.  But for the June primary, I have more than two choices and I will be exercising that choice.

I hope you find this information useful in your voting decision on the race for Governor for the June primary.

Craig P. Alexander, Esq. is an attorney at law who practices law in Dana Point, California.  He can be reached at craig@craigalexanderlaw.com.

12 Responses to “Travis Allen – Not so Pro-Life!”

  1. SANDI PRUSA said


    • Craig P. Alexander said

      I always find it interesting when someone makes a declaration of a position (here about Mr. Allen being pro-life) but they do not deal with the evidence stated otherwise – here the list I attached to my post on this. For me a voting record speaks volumes.

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  3. Gary Gengler said

    I am a lifelong Catholic so pro-life, and long-time Constitution Republican that’s still guided by the Preamble of “84”. However, due to the Democratic leadership’s destruction of our state infrastructure and sanctity lawbreaking making us complicit, if we don’t get a Republican in the governor’s office and more Republican’s in State Congress this state is in serious trouble. For that reason, I am not going to vote my Catholic pro-life beliefs but to get a Republican in the governor’s seat. I would hope other Republican’s and conservative voters would do the same; set aside personal expectations for the greater good of our state.

    • Joan Cowperthwaite said

      Sir, you have made a decision to dance with the devil. God’s laws, commandments, are not arbitrary. As believers we are to protect lives, preborn included. Any person with a legal, official title who abstains from voting regarding life and death has already revealed his playing hand.

      • Gary Gengler said

        You’re like so many radical Christians that think their biblical beliefs should drive all civic matters for all people, regardless of consequences. Because you don’t agree with my view, you assume about me, which devalues your position. “As believers…”; you don’t have the authority to decide for others, much less what is right for others. Your opinion is only valid for you.
        There are many reasons for being able to abstain from a vote. Leadership is NOT black and white. Your post makes it clear, you have never been in a leadership role and or your purposely misleading me based on an assumption. Not until your setting in leadership will you know direction sometimes requires decisions that don’t sit well with personal beliefs, yet we must address them. Then again, for all I know, you’re a liberal without a shame, willing to say anything to affect voting.

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  5. Sonia Frasquillo said

    abstaining from a vote is like a no vote ??

  6. […] this blog before mostly about Travis Allen’s poor voting record on the life (abortion) issue: Travis Allen – Not So Pro-Life.  This was after my friend Gina Gleason researched and put together her memo on Mr. Allen’s […]

  7. Guy said

    Thank you!

  8. Trevor said

    Thank you for your due diligence.

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