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Senator Moorlach

Posted by Chris Nguyen on March 17, 2015

This election is over.  There will be no run-off: former Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach is the California State Senator-Elect for the 37th District, rejoining his former colleagues of eight years, Supervisors-turned-Senators Janet Nguyen and Patricia Bates.

Moorlach wins with 50.4%.

The only remaining ballots are absentee ballots that were returned at the polls, SB 29 ballots (i.e. absentee ballots that will arrive in the mail by Friday), and provisional ballots.  It is highly unlikely there are a large enough number to make a difference.  Additionally, Moorlach seemed to gain ground with later ballots, so in all likelihood, the later ballots will only further cement Moorlach’s victory.

Here are the results after early absentees and all poll votes from 248 precincts were counted:

STATE SENATOR 37th District, Short Term
Completed Precincts: 248 of 248
Vote Count Percentage
JOHN M. W. MOORLACH (REP) 34,208 50.4%
DONALD P. WAGNER (REP) 29,987 44.1%
NAZ NAMAZI (REP) 2,359 3.5%
Louise Stewardson (W) 1,368 2.0%
Senator-Elect John M. W. Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa)

California State Senator-Elect
John M. W. Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa)


13 Responses to “Senator Moorlach”

  1. Bruce Whitaker said

    Congrats! Senator-Elect Moorlach. Just got a chance to read this after our Council Meeting. Thanks to Chris Nguyen for the coverage, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!

  2. Robyn Nordell said

    YAY! Congratulations, Senator Moorlach!! I also want to say thank you to Chris N for the coverage.

  3. OC voter said

    Amazing nobody is reporting that all is former staff got county jobs and the deal that was made with Voice of OC not to report on this issue. Hypocrisy at its best. John give me all the juice and I won’t write anything bad about you.

  4. In the know said

    Most his former staff retired and the others were county department staff before working for the Board of Supervisors. Nice try “OC Voter” aka josesolorio.com

  5. KenCoop said

    Another career politician (while claiming he isn’t) continues to live off the taxpayer.

    I thought he was going to leave public life and start a new chapter in the private sector.

    Guess he changed his mind when he realized no one wanted him.


    “All good things come to an end,” Moorlach said Wednesday night.

    “I’ve had a wild ride,” Moorlach said. “Twenty years has been amazing.”

    At least we know that many who claim to despise career politicians aren’t serious about voting them out of office.

    • Butt Hurtington said

      Poor KenCoop, so butt hurt. Maybe you should find a hobby and you’ll not be so whiney all the time.

      • KenCoop said

        None of which changes the validity of any of my statements.

        That Moorlach is a career politician living off the taxpayer.

        The only whiners are folks like you who claim to dislike government while supporting politicians who can’t make it in the private sector.

        • Butt Hurtington said

          Folks like me? I’ve never taken a dime off the taxpayer roll. Moorlach has saved us far more money than we could ever possibly pay him. You’re just a whiney baby who only seems to bash John Moorlach but leave the rest of electeds alone. Stay butt hurt pal.

          • KenCoop said

            That’s funny. He cost the OC taxpayer millions with a lawsuit that everyone (except him and an idiot chief of staff) knew was a loser.

            If he’s serious about serving the people (as you claim), he has a tremendous opportunity. He’s eligible to collect his pension from 20 years of County service.

            How about he forfeit his salary as a state legislator? Lead by example.

            Something he demands of others, but never for himself.

            I can’t wait to see his HUGE ego get slammed when he realizes that not only is he in the minority party, he is the most junior. Office space and budget are handed out accordingly.

            This is going to be fun.

            You talk a lot about being butt hurt. Is there a personal experience you would like to share?

            Your continued ad hominem attacks don’t change the fact that he is a career politician living off the taxpayer and couldn’t find something in the private sector.

            Something he claimed he was going to do last year.

            Since you’ve never lived off the taxpayer why don’t you give him some tips on finding a job in the real world. Something he hasn’t done in two decades.

  6. Greg Diamond said

    It’s very likely that Moorlach wins, Chris, but as I reported at OJB it’s not yet a lock. There are between 6,200 and 7,000 ballots that weren’t counted as of last night, plus the SB-29 ballots that will trickle in. Moorlach needs around 48% of them. It would be quiite surprising if he didn’t have them when the report comes out at 5:00 this afternoon, but not completely shocking.

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  9. James Gothard said

    Please encourage Darrell Issa run and become the next governor of California. He is sure to defeat Newsom. His background speaks for itself. He is a wealthy individual because he knows how to manage his money and his businesses. I recommend that every Republican politician in California approach him as soon as possible.

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