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Why is Lou Correa still hanging campaign signs on public property?

Posted by Thomas Gordon on January 27, 2015


It was brought to my attention recently that the Lou Correa campaign for Supervisor had hung a large campaign sign at Santa Ana Valley High School. I wrote about it here

I received many calls and text messages alerting me to other signs hung on public property such as schools, parks and flood control channels.

Pictured above is another shameful example of the disrespect afforded taxpayers.

Why would the Lou Correa campaign hang this sign at Santa Ana’s Godinez High School after it was revealed the sign at Valley was illegal?

3 Responses to “Why is Lou Correa still hanging campaign signs on public property?”

  1. Juan Palomares said

    You should see all the Pham and Do signs on public property. Shameful.

  2. Santa Ana Resident said

    It really shows a tremendous lack of respect for the community Correa says he wants to serve.
    You would think, too, that with all the offices Correa has run for, that he would know the laws regarding illegal signs. For him to place them there anyway, shows that he has no regard for the rules and is just desperate to stay in any elected office.
    The end does not justify the means.
    It’s also a little pathetic that the city and the schools do such a lousy job of policing this issue themselves. They just go about their business, passing these signs every day, and don’t take them down or demand that Correa do so.

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