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Why is Lou Correa hanging signs on Santa Ana Schools?

Posted by Thomas Gordon on January 23, 2015


I was alerted to the fact that Lou Correa has a sign hung on Santa Ana Valley High School.

Doesn’t he know that this property belongs to the taxpayers and that candidates should respect the taxpayers by not blighting it with political graffiti?

This isn’t the first time that Lou Correa or a member of his staff have abused the public trust.

State owned computers in then Assembly member Lou Correa’s office were traced to dozens of e-mails sent out for political purposes, per a report in the Orange County Register.  E-mails praising Mr. Correa and attacking his opponents were sent to a chat room called SantaAnaCitizens.

Mr. Correa fired an aide, Douglas Vogel, because of the incident. The OC Register stated that it was discovered that two computers, those of Mr. Vogel and chief-of-staff Chris Leo, were used during work hours to send the e-mails.

Mr. Vogel denied sending the messages. Mr. Chris Leo, using as a defense his lax work habits, said his computer is accessible by others as no password is required to sign on and he does not lock the door to his office. 

6 Responses to “Why is Lou Correa hanging signs on Santa Ana Schools?”

  1. Greg Diamond said

    It’s just his little way of reminding you that he has the police unions and the DA behind him.

  2. OC voter said

    He has signs on School Property in Garden Grove Also. Right off of Brookhurst Street.

  3. […] Why is Lou Correa hanging signs on Santa Ana Schools? […]

  4. Doug Vogel said


    I have politely contacted you on numerous occasions and asked for you to edit your article in such a way that is not slanderous to me and a defamation of my character. Please note that the facts of your article are incorrect and that you failed to refer to a second article published by the OC Register, which stated that an investigation was performed on the computer in question and that it turned up no signs of emails used improperly.

    Your claim that I was “fired” is incorrect and in fact, I resigned a week before to take mandatory classes for my MPA program, that were not offered during the evening. Prior to leaving, I accepted a part-time position with the Institute for Voluntary Leadership and with managing a retail establishment. I completely disavow any participation in the activities stated above, and therefore claim the statements in your article to be defamatory as there is no evidence of these claims.

    As you wish not to answer my requests or edit your article, I may need to seek retribution in a court of law.

  5. Doug Vogel had a comment here defending himself from this old story, and you guys deleted it. How come?

  6. Greg Diamond said

    Hmmm — Doug’s denial (which seems both detailed and plausible) raises a question: who gave Thomas Gordon the bogus information about him.

    One doesn’t want to burn sources — at least if they haven’t deliberately misled you — but it’s worth asking Gordon how he got steered in the wrong direction. Any explanation here?

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