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The Munger Games Blog is Spot On Again!

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on May 26, 2014

The folks over at The Munger Games blog are once again spot on about Charles Munger trying to purchase a seat in the Assembly for candidate Anna Bryson.

I reported a few days ago about about Mr. Munger’s big buy into Ms. Bryson’s campaign with his dropping over $250,000 into his Spirit of Democracy IE PAC in support of her campaign for the 73rd Assembly District (Charles Munger Dipping…) and my fellow blogger Allan Wilson reported about the same thing happening in the 55nd Assembly District (Charles Munger and California Dental IE PAC) with his Dental IE PAC.

Now the Munger Games folks have noted that Mr. Munger has put in another $71,000 for pro-Bryson mailers over the last few days (Munger Money-Mongering).  As a resident of the 73rd Assembly District I can attest that I have been receiving multiple pro Anna Bryson mailers over the last few days – in fact they appear to be using the same mailers over and over again.  Some of these mailers come directly from her campaign and some from the Spirit of Democracy PAC (i.e. from Charles Munger).  All of them tout her conservative credentials even though such a claim is, in my opinion, false (Why Does the Teachers Union Love Anna Bryson).   Friends also tell me they have seen Anna Bryson commercials while watching TV.  It is apparent that Charles Munger wishes to buy this seat for Anna Bryson.

With this  much money being spent for her, in my opinion there is a definite expectation that if she wins she will be beholden to do as Mr. Munger demands for things like appointments of delegates to the California Republican Party and votes in the legislature for left of center positions on social issues, etc.  From her votes on the school board since late 2010 I conclude that she has already proven Anna Bryson will switch sides if she perceives it to be to her benefit.

Of all of the local activists in Orange County who put out voter recommendation lists, none of them to my knowledge have recommended that you vote for Anna Bryson.  Almost all of them recommend voting for Bill Brough as the true conservative in this race (Why I Support Bill Brough).

My thanks to The Munger Games folks for helping us keep track of Mr. Munger’s meddling in our Assembly race in South OC.

5 Responses to “The Munger Games Blog is Spot On Again!”

  1. Craig . It is true that NONE of the Voter Guides in south Orange County recommend Anna Bryson. You are correct with the huge chunk of green now being spent on Anna’s behalf. One area we differ on is the recommendation for that 73rd AD seat. I have recommended Jesse Petrilla while you have chosen a different candidate. That’s part of having free will. At the end of the day the voters need to question some of the claims they receive from self serving mailers against facts from those of us who conduct research for free exposing the actual voting records and remarks made by candidates where they have zero input in our recommendations.

  2. Craig P. Alexander said

    Larry is correct – I am not supporting Jesse Petrilla. To see why go to these prior posts: https://ocpolitical.com/2014/01/27/petrillas-past-felony-assault-with-a-firearm-an-important-article-by-martin-henderson-at-rsm-patch/, https://ocpolitical.com/2014/01/28/petrilla-releases-statement-about-2001-arrest-wow/ and https://ocpolitical.com/2014/03/04/petrilla-makes-statement-to-cra-about-2001-arrest-double-wow/.

  3. Greg Diamond said

    I want to say again: if you guys let him get away with it, he’ll just keep on doing it.

    If you want him to stop, you can slap Munger’s face silly by voting for moderate Democrat (who would probably more properly be an NPP) Wendy Gabriella in November if Bryson gets to run against her — and then you can try again in 2016. Otherwise, Bryson will be there for 12 years and Munger will work on the next set of races to buy.

    We Dems didn’t put up a liberal protest candidate this year; we put up someone who is probably pretty close to the median ideology of the 73rd. But we’re also aware that her re-election in 2016 would be a tough battle if the OCGOP gets its act together here. So it’s a safe vote for you as well as a bold statement.

    Don’t answer now — wait until Bryson starts tacking left after the primary, in the expectation that she can’t lose, and at which time Munger will have moved on to playing with different toys.

    Seriously, Larry and Craig (and various Chrises) — if Bryson makes the Top Two, are you going to let this free-spending elitist meddler punk you like this? Gabriella has worked well with people of both major parties in the past; you should take a good look at her — and at Munger’s victory dance — after June 3.

  4. From RSM said

    Larry, if you think Petrilla isn’t self-serving (as well as dangerous) and you actually listened to his comments and looked at his votes at RSM Council meetings, I highly doubt that you or anyone else would support him. He only speaks when he is creating a sound bite. He is well-versed at using conservative talking points. He has created a persona that looks good on paper. That is all it is.

    He is the worst thing that has ever happened to RSM. In a two-person race between Petrilla and Bryson, I would vote for Bryson in a heartbeat. That is saying something!

    When someone first told me you were supporting Petrilla, I was shocked. I generally agree with you. Not even close this time. At least Munger’s money should take care of him.

    • Greg Diamond said

      ” In a two-person race between Petrilla and Bryson, I would vote for Bryson in a heartbeat.”

      How about in a two-person race between Petrilla and Gabriella?

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