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Charles Munger and California Dental IE PAC meddles in AD-55

Posted by Allen Wilson on May 22, 2014

Yesterday, my colleague Craig Alexander reported that Charles Munger was meddling in the AD-73 contest in support for Anna Bryson.

It is now reported that the California Dental Association (CDA) IE PAC decides to get involved in the AD-55 contest in support for Ling-Ling Chang with a $129,000 drop.

The CDA IE PAC spent $100,000 on TV/Cable Buy and $29,000 on polling.

The Spirit of Democracy PAC controlled by Charles Munger gave CDA IE PAC $29,000 to pay for the polling, which was more of an “in-kind” donation.

The polling was mysteriously conducted few weeks ago to households in the AD-55 contest including yours truly relatives living in Orange County.  The poll initially asked for the registered to vote female in the household, then asked for the registered to vote male, if the female wasn’t home.  The poll asked basic questions who the voter would vote for Governor, U.S. Representative, which they finally asked questions about Phillip Chen and Ling Ling Chang.

The interesting aspect of the poll was they provided bio statement for each candidate and asked the likeliness of voting for either candidate.  When the pollster mentioned Ling Ling Chang, the first thing they stated was that “She was BORN and RAISED in Southern California”.  The respondent to the poll stated that they were unlikely to vote for Ling Ling Chang, because they bluntly stated that the “raised and born” part was a lie based on an article from the Orange County Register by Martin Wiskol.  The second part mentioned Ling Ling Chang being in charge of an educational organization for 8 years.  The respondent again bluntly told the pollster that if someone wants to be part of education, then they need to be in the classroom.

Nevertheless, the CDA IE PAC is also meddling in AD-9 and AD-64 contests supporting Democrats Elk Grove Councilman Jim Cooper and Carson Councilman Mike Gipson, respectively.

This contributor was warned that Charles Munger would find a way to meddle in the AD-55 contest and surely he has one way or the other.

Though, for a IE PAC to coordinate efforts with Munger is very chilling as it should serve as a warning to voters in the 55th AD that Ling Ling Chang isn’t the true Conservative that she is portraying herself as, because a particular IE PAC has already backed Democrat candidates for Assembly.



5 Responses to “Charles Munger and California Dental IE PAC meddles in AD-55”

  1. Red State said

    Allen… Seriously, you need to let your awkward vendetta go with Ling, Bob Huff, Steve Tye etc. Let me be blunt – We don’t care!

    At a time when most are trying to build the party, you continue to tear people apart. If I have to read one more stupid article about AD-55 on this blog I’m going to scream. I visit the blog to read about OC Politics, for thoughtful analysis, and to keep up to date. I’d hate to suffer though anymore of your AD-55 opinions. P.S. Please find a copy-reader before you post.

  2. Craig P. Alexander said

    Thank you Allan for your informative post – it seems Mr. Munger is an equal opportunity meddler – both north and south county (after attempting this in mid county two years ago). I like both Phillip Chen and Ling Ling Chang (I know and like her husband) but you are correct, when Munger money (or union money for another candidate) is spent on someone it does beg the question if that person has some obligations to their benefactor. I don’t know Ling Ling that well so I hope she would be the kind of person that would not just “take orders” from Mr. Munger. With Anna Bryson I think I know the answer to that question.

    As for Mr. or Ms. Red State – if you don’t like Allan’s posts on this race there is a simple solution – stop reading them!

  3. Guifolye Hemmistone said

    Great reporting Mr. Wilson. We need to know who is being bought and by whom. This Red State clown is obviously a Ling Ling Chang campaign staffer and a bit paranoid.

  4. Lydia Plunk said

    LOL- A poll prior to an election is hardly mysterious.
    The California Dental Association, in a time when medical care and costs are at the forefront of both practitioners and patients, their organization’s strong endorsement of Ling-Ling Chang is not something to be demeaned, but to be considered.
    I strongly support Ling Ling Chang.

  5. […] fellow blogger Allan Wilson reported about the same thing happening in the 55nd Assembly District (Charles Munger and California Dental IE PAC) with his Dental IE […]

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