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Team Ausmus Snubs OUSD Voters, Attempts to Censor Opponent, Abuses School Resources

Posted by Chris Nguyen on October 16, 2012

As a graduate and resident of the Orange Unified School District, I am certainly familiar with OUSD having had some of Orange County’s most raucous elections in years past, and while things have died down (thanks, Capistrano Unified!), this year has proven to be one of the quieter OUSD campaigns anybody can remember.

Robert "Bob" Ausmus

Robert “Bob” Ausmus

However, in this weird quietness has been an oddly arrogant campaign being run by one of the challengers, Robert “Bob” Ausmus, who is seeking to unseat OUSD Board Member Dr. Alexia L. Deligianni in Trustee Area 3.

Bob Ausmus didn’t even bother to write a candidate’s statement in the sample ballot mailed out to all registered voters in the school district by the Orange County Registrar of Voters (check out page 14 of the PDF sample ballot to see where the OUSD candidate’s statements are), leaving voters with absolutely no information about him.  By the way, here’s a picture of the last guy to be elected to the OUSD board without a candidate’s statement:

Steve Rocco

Steve Rocco, OUSD Board Member, 2004-2008, Convicted Ketchup Thief

How are voters supposed to decide who to vote for when they have no information about a candidate?  Are they supposed to vote on signs?

Speaking of signs, Robert Ausmus supporters have acted ridiculously.  Some volunteers for Dr. Alexia Deligianni posted her re-election signs in Anaheim Hills.  Within hours, the signs were gone.  Ordinarily, lost signs are just part of the normal business of campaigns.  City crews, the weather, cheap garage sales hosts, etc. often take the signs.  However, the timing and systematic nature of the sign removals made it clear that people supporting Ausmus were targeting Deligianni’s signs.  First, the signs were posted on a Friday evening and removed within hours in the dead of night.  Secondly, nearly every Deligianni sign in Anaheim Hills was removed, but every single instance where a Deligianni sign was next to an Ausmus sign, the Ausmus sign was left untouched.  A witness driving by noted seeing a Deligianni sign being taken by a white male who resembled a “boxer” from behind.  Also, one of the rare Deligianni signs that survived in Anaheim Hills…well, I think this trio of pictures makes it clear what happened to the survivor signs:

Then, volunteers put out more signs on Sunday night.  The signs were still up as of 7 PM on Monday but most of them disappeared during the dead of night.  It wasn’t city crews because those guys aren’t out working that late.  Plus, you guessed it, the Ausmus signs were left untouched.

If one candidate’s side removed signs attacking their candidate, I’d understand if these were “Stop Ausmus” signs that were being removed because attack signs are a different animal.  However, removing an opponent’s signs that simply promote her candidacy is just plain anti-democratic and insulting to the voters.

In further sign abuse, this sign was placed on the campus of Canyon High School, violating the age-old regulation of campaign signs not being placed on school property:

In an abuse of school resources, this email went out from Team Ausmus from a school district email account over an official Orange Unified School District e-mail list sent to the families of the Canyon High School Class of 2015 (today’s sophomores).

From: “Ausmus, Leslie” <REDACTED@orangeusd.org>
Date: September 28, 2012, 2:57:36 PM PDT
To: “chsclassof2015” <REDACTED@listserv.orangeusd.k12.ca.us>
Subject: FW: 09.28.12 Listserv
Reply-To: “chsclassof2015” <REDACTED@listserv.orangeusd.k12.ca.us>

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Lengthy email message edited for brevity. Scroll to bottom of this post for full e-mail.]…

For the purpose of clarification, and because many of you (and your students) have asked, yes, the candidate running for our school board named “Bob Ausmus” is related to me. He’s my husband. :)

As always, if you have questions or concerns, let me know. The best contact is via email at: REDACTED@orangeusd.org . I hope you all have a great weekend!


Leslie Ausmus

Sophomore Counselor, Class of 2015

If it weren’t for the never-ending series of abuses from Team Ausmus, it might have been plausible that this was an innocent mistake, but taken in the totality of circumstances, it is clear that this was a flimsy excuse to announce the candidacy of Bob Ausmus to the entire list of families of Canyon High sophomores.  (Indeed, we didn’t know about this email until an angry parent passed it on.)  If some people ask you a political question, you don’t send a mass email to hundreds of people on a school district email list, you respond to them individually.

My father, who immigrated to the United States after fleeing from Communist Vietnam, expressed his outrage at the actions of the Ausmus side, noting that democracy is harmed when people try to suppress free speech, hide information from the voters, and abuse public resources.  He said, “I’m disgusted that he has to steal signs instead of letting everyone get their name out there.  That’s just wrong.  And then to use a school email list?  Unbelievable!”

Unbelievable is right, Dad.  The arrogance of the Ausmus campaign of not providing information to voters, stealing/covering opponent signs, and then abusing school resources is utterly repugnant.

Here is the entire Ausmus email to the Class of 2015 parent mailing list:

From: “Ausmus, Leslie” <REDACTED@orangeusd.org>
Date: September 28, 2012, 2:57:36 PM PDT
To: “chsclassof2015” <REDACTED@listserv.orangeusd.k12.ca.us>
Subject: FW: 09.28.12 Listserv
Reply-To: “chsclassof2015” <REDACTED@listserv.orangeusd.k12.ca.us>


       ***If you are receiving this message in error, please scroll to the bottom and unsubscribe ****


Good Afternoon, Parents and Families of the Class of 2015 ~

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  • Attendance – It is imperative that we keep accurate records on attendance.  Students receive disciplinary consequences when absences are not cleared within 48 hours. (see page 9 of the CHS Agenda book)  If you call in (or your student brings a note) after the 48 hrs to excuse an absence, the excuse will be noted, however, your student will still be issued, and be expected to serve, the disciplinary consequence.
    • Teacher changes – The OUSD policy is no teacher changes.  As problems or concerns arise, however, you are encouraged to set up a teacher/parent/student conference to address those concerns.  If the issue is not resolved, an administrator will then attend the next conference and be involved with the resolution of the issue. 
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For the purpose of clarification, and because many of you (and your students) have asked, yes, the candidate running for our school board named “Bob Ausmus” is related to me.  He’s my husband.  J

As always, if you have questions or concerns, let me know.  The best contact is via email at:  REDACTED@orangeusd.org .   I hope you all have a great weekend!


Leslie Ausmus

Sophomore Counselor, Class of 2015



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(In the interest of full disclosure, before there was a Custom Campaigns, the partners of Custom Campaigns ran the 2008 campaign that got Alexia Deligianni elected to the Orange Unified School District board.  Custom Campaigns is the consultant on Dr. Deligianni’s 2012 re-election campaign.)

19 Responses to “Team Ausmus Snubs OUSD Voters, Attempts to Censor Opponent, Abuses School Resources”

  1. I know Bob said

    Knowing Bob he likely had somebody else do his dirty work for him. I used to work with Bob and definitely do not think that he is running for the right reasons. Dr. Deligianni is not my favorite choice but I will definitely not be voting for Bob Ausmus especially after reading this.

    • Kathy Ausmus Ackerman said

      I know him quite well he’s my brother and you are right about him….I must say I didn’t think he’d do such childish things

  2. ORWF Member said

    Mr. Ausmus was a disappointment at the Orange Republican Women’s candidate forum this morning. He announced that he supported Proposition 30 much to the disgust of EVERYONE in attendance.

  3. Child Please! said

    Do people seriously steal signs??? Can we get people with some maturity to run for office please?

  4. Walter P. said

    After finding this article when researching candidates on google I marked my absentee ballot today for Dr. Deligianni after reading this. Initially I was going to vote for Mr. Ausmus (Policemen generally get my vote) and didn’t even notice that he did not fill out a ballot statement. Interesting that you mentioned the sign theft as I too noticed missing signs by my house off of Nohl Ranch.

  5. In Orange said

    A quick note to the Custom Campaigns guys. This sign placement is also being done in Orange as Ausmus placed one of his signs right in front of a Deligianni sign off of Katella and Tustin as well. I hope that you guys crush him on election day, he seems like a real jerk.

  6. Great piece, Chris. It is late in the campaign, and everyone’s frustration with cheaters is high. Your Dad’s attitude is spot on.

    • Kathy Ausmus Ackerman said

      I’m so sorry my brother did this….I apologize for his bad behavior…just seeing this about him in 2021

  7. Orange Voter said

    Mr. Nguyen,
    I was surprised and bothered by your article on Mr. Bob Ausmus. You have made a lot of accusations and it seems to me that you are waging a smear campaign. Mr. Nguyen I did notice that you didn’t have anything to say in your article about your candidate Ms. Deligianni, I know she is a current board member and ran unopposed 4 years ago. I believe that she has also run for other political offices, unsuccessfully. I have attended many board meetings and also watched them on TV, but I never have heard Ms Deligianni speak regarding any issue. After 4 years I still don’t know what she stands for.
    I would like the readers to know the Bob Ausmus I know and respect and believe that he will make an outstanding School Board Member. Bob has experience working with the students of Orange Unified, and knows the issues that face the district first hand; He’s not using the school board to climb the political ladder, but rather has a desire to improve the Orange Unified School District and the community.
    Information taken from Bob Ausmus’ Website:
    Background: 9 years – OUSD School Administrator in the office of Child Welfare & Attendance – Southern California Juvenile Officers Association, OUSD Juvenile Officer of the Year 2002; 29 years in Law Enforcement including State Certified Instructor in Criminal Justice & State Law, Training Officer, South Bay Police & Fire Medal of Valor recipient; 13 years Instructor at Rio Hondo Community College Community volunteer – Coach – Pony Baseball, Pop Warner Football, Little League. Combat Medic Vietnam Veteran; Married for 33 years, 3 sons Born and raised in Orange County, CA – resident of OUSD community for past 21 years; wife and sons educated in OUSD Holds full-time, lifetime teaching credential at the college level; Post graduate work – University of California, Irvine B.A. degree – University of Redlands
    Mission Statement: OUSD should be dedicated to graduating students with the academic, interpersonal and vocational skills that will allow them to compete at whatever level they choose: higher education, military or the work force.

    • Reality Check said

      Just a heads up and a few notes of clarification-even though the elections over
      1. several people I know have seen the people actually putting the Ausmus signs in front of Alexias
      2. If Bob wanted to the voters to know who he was, he would’ve submitted a campaign statement
      3. Alexia did not run unopposed-it was a very close campaign from what I remember.

      Bob seems like a decent guy-and would’ve made a good board member-but when I saw the sign placements, it was obvious this campaign was not in good hands or well run.

      Looks like the better candidate prevailed.

      • Kathy Ausmus said

        My brother is Bob Ausmus married to Leslie, 3 sons all cops, hopefully they are better at being grown ups than my brother. I’ve listened to many of his bad behavior as a cop in Inglewood. Unfortunately I know everything about him and tho I haven’t had anything to do with him in years I don’t think his behavior has changed

    • KThy said

      You obviously don’t know my brother

  8. first of all, these candidates cannot control the actions of all their supporters. secondly, i came here looking for information i can use to make a sound decision… voting history, educational background, party affiliation, endorsements, etc. i can’t believe that someone in the comment section changed their vote based on anything in this vacuous post.

  9. […] you may recall from my previous post, supporters of Orange Unified School District Candidate Robert “Bob” Ausmus abused […]

  10. Kathy Ausmus Ackerman said

    I hope my brother Bob Ausmus doesn’t run for anything again…how embarrassing

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