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Robert “Bob” Ausmus Supporters Steal Royce Sign and Deligianni Signs Again – This Time From Private Residences

Posted by Chris Nguyen on November 4, 2012

As you may recall from my previous post, supporters of Orange Unified School District Candidate Robert “Bob” Ausmus abused school resources by sending information about his candidacy to hundreds of people on a school district list, placed a sign on school district property, snubbed voters by refusing to write a candidate’s statement for the sample ballot, and stole signs promoting his opponent for OUSD, incumbent Alexia L. Deligianni.

Well, now Bob Ausmus supporters are stealing signs from private property. At 7:35 PM, my father called to report that the two Alexia Deligianni signs and an Ed Royce sign were stolen from my parents’ home.

My parents had three signs in the corner of their yard: one each for Ed Royce, Alexia Deligianni, and Lucille Kring. They also had another set of those three signs along their long fence.

My father reported both Alexia Deligianni signs and one of the Ed Royce signs was stolen. The stakes were left behind, but the signs were stolen.

Stealing the Ed Royce sign on top of the two Alexia Deligianni signs is an indication of just the kinds of RINOs Robert Ausmus supporters are.

This isn’t surprising, as Robert “Bob” Ausmus got booed when he spoke at the Orange Republican Women Federated when he spoke in support of raising taxes by $1,000,000,000.

(It should be noted that Custom Campaigns is the consultant on the re-election campaign of the Orange County Republican Party-endorsed Deligianni, who is also endorsed by the California Republican Assembly. Before Custom Campaigns existed, the people who eventually became the founders of Custom Campaigns ran Deligianni’s successful election to the board in 2008.)

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