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Jordan Brandman campaigns by being naivete

Posted by Allen Wilson on October 15, 2012

The Voice of Orange County penned an article entitled “Brandman Vows to Support Living Wage and Council Districts“, which is eye opening for those who are following the Anaheim City Council contest.

Los Amigos of Orange County have been long odds with Jordan Brandman, because they doubt his sincerity and more importantly his credibility.

What was amazing in the article that Brandman was asked whether he believed “police brutality” ever exists in Anaheim neighborhoods.

Brandman replied, “Police brutality?”

The article most damning and telling quote from Dr. Jose Moreno, leader of Los Amigos of Orange County, says this about Brandman, “To say that I don’t know it’s happening means you’re not living in the community.”

Now, Brandman supports a “Living Wage”, which would only increase the costs of running Anaheim City government.

Also, Brandman supports council districts.

Every political campaign has it’s own silly season, but for Brandman to circle the wagons to gain support and votes in all of Anaheim proudly says that he is endorsed by former Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle.

The Voice of OC article points out that Brandman says, “Curt Pringle is a supporter, but I am my own man.”

This YouTube is very telling at the very end Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Anaheim) advises Brandman to “stop while your ahead”.

Being naivete is not the best suit for someone who has little or no clue of the machinations inside and outside of Anaheim City Hall politics much less sitting on the dais by making decisions that affects over 300,000 Anaheim residents.

Brandman is not his own man, because Anaheim voters should not be fooled of the invisible strings that hangs over the head and shoulders of a man who is simply naivete PERIOD!

4 Responses to “Jordan Brandman campaigns by being naivete”

  1. Strong Coffee said

    Allen, I think you mean “naive,” not “naivete.”

    Brandman is a Democrat. Oppose him on that basis. Fine. But as a conservative, you’re the one being naive by giving credibility to Los Amigos or Dr. Jose Moreno, for crying out loud. Los Amigos leaders like Amin David and Zeke Hernandez are a bunch of aging Chicano radicals. Moreno is to the left of Che Guevara. Come on, don’t turn into some cop-hating sob-sister like too many conservatives are nowadays who can’t separate policemen from police unions.

    I’d take Brandman over crazies like Moreno any day of the week.

  2. joe said

    Strong coffee must be one of Jordan’s few self-proclaiming conservatives who make tons of money from the government but tell everyone else that they believe in limited government. Why is OCBC endorsing jordan if he’s as you say a “Democrat” and pandering to these as you say “aging Chicano radicals”, advocating for something that the OCBC would never support. Did it not occur that anybody could easily conclude that the leaders of many organizations, are a reflection of its members. If that was not the case, then the leaders would not be re-elected. Thus, your police union leaders are separate from police officers is a bit of a political lie. You are either very “naive”, foolish or getting paid to spin this story. Your last sentence, gives you up as you are willing to vote for a democrat who panders to “aging Chicano Radicals”(no integrity) while the sentence before you appoint yourself as the “conservative credential checker” with the comment “like too many conservatives are noways”. Major fail. How much will you charge for the 5 sentences you wrote, Strong Cofee?

    • Strong Coffee said

      You read quite a bit into my comment, “Joe.” The point I was making was Allen shouldn’t treat Moreno, Amin David and that bunch as moral authorities on law enforcement issues. They’re agitators wo see everything as a racial issue.

      Police officers are separate from police unions. Not absolutely, but more than your inference that they are one and the same. When they are out in the street dealing with gangs, murders, drugs, etc, that isn’t the police union.

      Are you going to tell us there aren’t different kinds of Democrats, just like there are different kinds of Republicans? You sound like one of those Central Committee nutters who got tossed by the voters in June, who constantly cry “RINO,” who think everyone who disagrees with them must be getting paid to, who are all for party unity except when they aren’t, who complain about public employee unions and then endorse candidates who take money from public employee unions.

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