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Live from OCGOP Central Committee – Third and Final Round of Endorsements

Posted by Chris Nguyen on October 15, 2012

Believe it or not, there’s still one more round of endorsements for the Republican Party of Orange County. They’re up tonight. The races in question are:
San Juan Capistrano City Council
Laguna Niguel City Council
Mesa Consolidated Water District, Division 1
Municipal Water District of Orange County, Division 6
Huntington Beach Union High School District
No on Measure M (Coast Community College District)
Irvine City Council (Possible Third Endorsement; Christina Shea was endorsed in Round One in August, and Lynn Schott was endorsed in Round Two in September)

7:19 PM – Two new alternates sworn in.

7:20 PM – Elected officials and candidates introduce themselves: Baron Night, Cathy Green, Charles Hart, Greg Sebourn, Mike Munzing, Eric Bever, Sam Allevato, Brian Chuchua, Jerry McCloskey, Robert Ming, Steven Choi, Karina Onofre, Brett Boxmiller, Roy Byrnes, Kim McCarthy, Don Wagner, Lynn Schott, Steve Nagel, Mark McCurdy, Fred Whitaker, Deborah Pauly, Denis Bilodeau, John Briscoe, Lucille Kring, Diane Harkey, Scott Voigts, Ed Royce, Travis Allen, and Larry Kramer.

7:23 PM – Congressman Ed Royce speaks of his race for re-election against Jay Chen and of Assemblyman Chris Norby’s race for re-election against Sharon Quirk-Silva and urges Republicans to assist Royce and Norby. Royce reports the America Shining Super PAC and Chen’s campaign have spent about $1,000,000 against him. Royce notes he’s given $1,000,000 to other Republican congressional candidates, and that’s one of the reasons he’s being targeted.

7:27 PM – Central Committee Member Desare Ferraro introduces the four new Youth Associate Board Members, who several female Central Committee members note are all female. They come from three public high schools and one private high school.

7:30 PM – First Vice Chairman John Warner, filling in for Chairman Scott Baugh, notes the 18 Republican headquarters throughout the county. He speaks of victory party on November 6 at 8 PM at the Costa Mesa Westin, sponsored by Tom Phillips of Eagle Publishing.

7:33 PM – Central Committee Treasurer Mark Bucher speaks of the Pepperdine poll that finds Prop 32 ahead. He speaks of the television ad campaign.

7:35 PM – Endorsements Committee Chair Mark Bucher gives a rundown of the last Endorsements Committee meeting.

7:38 PM – In response to a question, Bucher explains the weird situation in Irvine where if Steven Choi wins the mayor’s race, two council seats will be elected, but if Larry Agran wins the mayor’s race, then three council seats will be elected. Evan Chemers wants a third endorsement.

7:41 PM – Central Committee Member Steve Sarkis pulls San Juan Capistrano City Council.

7:42 PM – On Bucher’s motion and Sarkis’s second, the Central Committee votes unanimously to endorse Jerry McCloskey for Laguna Niguel City Council, Eric Bever for Mesa Consolidated Water District Division 1, Jeff Thomas for Municipal Water District of Orange County Division 6, and John Briscoe for Huntington Beach Union High School District Full-Term.

7:44 PM – On Central Committee Second Vice Chairman Mary Young’s motion, the Central Committee votes unanimously to make no endorsement for San Juan Capistrano City Council.

7:45 PM – There is a slight delay, as the By-Laws are consulted on the procedure to endorse Evan Chemers for Irvine City Council.

7:48 PM – It is a moot point, as no one actually motions for a Chemers endorsements.

7:49 PM – The Central Committee votes unanimously to endorse a “No” vote on Measure M, the Coast Community College District bond measure.

7:50 PM – Central Committee Member Jon Fleischman, publisher of the Flash Report, gives a presentation on all the statewide ballot propositions.

8:11 PM – Assemblywoman Diane Harkey speaks against Proposition 31 because it gives too many concessions to the left and that it gives the executive branch too much power over the Legislature.

8:13 PM – Central Committee Member Marcia Gilchrist says the CRP paid for the door hangers, so their endorsement stands.

8:14 PM – Central Committee Member Bill Dunlap says the Newport HQ is crossing out Yes on 31 and putting No on 31 instead.

8:16 PM – Assemblyman Don Wagner, an OC Political blogger, says the party should allow volunteers to write No on 31 if they oppose 31 out of respect for the volunteers.

8:17 PM – Central Committee Second Vice Chairman Mary Young says CRP paid for the hanger, and it is inappropriate to change the hangers without CRP’s consent.

8:18 PM – Bill Dunlap repeats his belief the hangers should be changed.

8:19 PM – Jon Fleischman echoes Gilchrists and Young’s comments. He also notes that you can’t change a door hanger that says, “The California Republican Party’s endorses…” to another position.

8:20 PM – The Central Committee moves on.

8:21 PM – Mary Young speaks of the importance of volunteering for Republican candidates and ballot measures. She notes Central Committee Secretary Zonya Townsend’s church registered 1,174 new Republicans.

8:23 PM – Zonya Townsend speaks of volunteerism and presents two OCGOP Volunteers of the Month.

8:42 PM – Central Committee Treasurer Mark Bucher says all the bills are paid.

8:43 PM – Diane McGlinchey speaks about the Romney campaign in OC. She thanks Marcia Gilchrist for subsidizing 1,000 Romney signs in OC.

8:46 PM – Mike Munzing promotes his fundraiser on Wednesday, October 17 from 5:30 PM-8:30 PM at Stadium Brewing.

8:47 PM – John Warner promotes the presidential debate watching party sponsored by Congressman Rohrabacher at the Costa Mesa GOP HQ above Skosh Monahan’s

8:48 PM – The Central Committee adjourns.

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