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Taxin’ Troy Edgar Caught Supporting another Tax

Posted by OC Insider on August 7, 2012

Troy Edgar got dubbed “Taxin’ Troy” because of his record of raising taxes and fees on his City Council. But the more we dig, the more we find that his record of tax and fee increases stretches well beyond just the City Council. Like so many people in local office, Troy Edgar loves serving in regional government. He’s served on most every Board, receiving most every stipend along the way, in Orange County. And he’s raised taxes and fees on most of them.

For those new to the party, here is a quick refresher on Troy Edgar’s taxin’ past.

1.      Troy Edgar rejected the No New Tax Pledge.

2.      Troy Edgar has voted for over a dozen new taxes and fees.

3.      He is pushing for a massive utility tax increase in Los Alamitos. See Here and Here  (The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association called it a “massive tax increase”, when Vallejo tried to do the same thing.)

Now new evidence shows Troy Edgar supporting even more tax expansions.  In this case, Troy Edgar’s membership on the San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy (RMC) is the culprit.

From looking at the meeting minutes, Edgar mostly shows up, votes yes on everything, collects his per diem, and calls it a day.

And by voting yes on everything, I mean everything. In May of 2010 for example, Edgar decided it was a great idea to support a resolution advocating for passage of AB 2554 (Brownley 2010).  What is AB 2554 about?

AB 2554 conferred additional fee raising authority upon the LA Flood Control District.  Basically, it made it much easier for the district to raise fees on tax paying homeowners within its boundaries.

Who opposed this massive tax increase?

As you would expect, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) was opposed to the bill. In its opposition letter HJTA states,“Considering that Los Angeles County has a $2.4 billion General Fund budget and record $1 trillion on IRS property tax roll, there is plenty of money to go around.  We simply do not see the need to authorize a new method to exact more money from the California taxpayer.”

In addition to HJTA, every Republican member of the legislature voted against it

Voting NO from the Orange County delegation:

Senate: Harman, Wyland, Correa (Yes, even OC Democratic Senator Lou Correa opposed the bill (Huff and Walters, ABS)

Assembly: DeVore, Hagman, Harkey, Miller, Norby, Silva, Tran

Again, Troy Edgar stands alone in supporting yet another massive tax expansion. With the Republicans’ Legislative Caucuses teetering on falling beneath the 2/3 threshold, sending Troy Edgar to Sacramento is a risk we just can’t afford. He’s just lived up to his name of “Taxin’ Troy” too many times.

5 Responses to “Taxin’ Troy Edgar Caught Supporting another Tax”

  1. Troy Edgar = More Taxes said

    I have known Troy Edgar for a long time and this does not surprise me. For his entire political career he has worked hard to get onto every commitee and board that pays a per deim.

  2. Edgar Would Be Bad Like Harman said

    We cannot let Troy Edgar get elected he will be just like Tom Harman if he wins, a lousy legislator.

  3. jb said

    I am a resident of Los Alamitos, I want Troy Edgar elected to the state assembly. Yes, he is a lousy legislator, but it will be the quickest way to remove him from the city council and our city. Please read the latest OC Register article:http://www.ocregister.com/news/kusumoto-367676-council-city.html

  4. Better choices said

    Troy Edgar, the Mayor of Los Alamitos is also the chairman for the Sanitation District.

    They had an interesting Brown Act Violation that was called out by a Supervisor (Nelson, I think). Edgar flip flopped his vote when they did a re-do in open session. He voted against pay raises for San District in open session (but then he voted for them in their illegal closed session).

    Regarding TAXES – the San District will be raising rates soon, according to information that Edgar provided the Los Al Council earlier this year. The exact same thing happened when Edgar was a Freshman (or Sophomore) council member and he used the San District rate increase as a political attack on our former Mayor Ken Parker.

    • Fountain Valley Weirdo said

      But you live in Fountain Valley with me. Ken Stephens is not your Mayor. Have you seen Soup Can Sam lately?

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