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OC Voter Turnout Best-Case Scenario: 26.5%

Posted by Chris Nguyen on June 12, 2012

With last night’s OC GOP Flag Day Festivities, I didn’t really have time to draft a post last night, so I’ll just provide a short, sad update.

Voter turnout in Orange County in June’s election was at best 26.5%, and at worst 25.6%.

The Registrar of Voters reports that 412,225 voters’ ballots have been counted thus far from Tuesday’s election, with 1,612,415 voters registered for that election, indicating 25.6% of voters turned out.  There are 14,724 uncounted ballots (though some of those will be invalidated [14,030 of those are provisionals]).  Adding those ballots in brings OC up to 426,949 ballots, or 26.5% voter turnout.

That turnout is pathetic and depressing for democracy.

I guess the silver lining in this is that my vote counted for a larger share of the vote since so few people voted, as did yours, readers, as I imagine virtually everyone who reads this blog voted.  (I mean: who visits a political blog who doesn’t vote?)

It could be worse, though: LA County’s 4,450,035 voters produced between 18.5% and 20.8% voter turnout.

3 Responses to “OC Voter Turnout Best-Case Scenario: 26.5%”

  1. junior said

    Chris – Do you have information on the comparative voter turnout between Republican and Democrat voters in OC?

    • It’s at least 33.8% for Republicans and at least 26.9% for Democrats. It will move up a bit for both parties once the uncounted ballots are accounted for (we just don’t know which parties the uncounted ballots belong to, but certainly there’s a bit for both parties, but I would expect more of them to go to the Democrats since provisional ballots are disproportionately cast by Democrats). Republicans’ turnout usually outpaces Democrats’ turnout.

  2. Jake said

    I don’t understand how people can sit at home and complain how bad things are, but then don’t get off their butt to go change it at the voting booth.

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