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Special-Interest Spitzer Uses $17,000 in Union Money to Attack Pauly

Posted by The Rock of OC on June 1, 2012

The Chrises told me to back off of the Third Supervisorial District, and they’d get HBK to back off.  Since HBK broke that agreement, I’m coming back in.

Before Chuck DeVore left the Supervisor’s race, leaving Deborah Pauly to fill the conservative void, DeVore produced this commercial revealing Todd Spitzer’s $54,000 in union money from the AFL-CIO, Teamsters, and CTA.  Special-Interest Spitzer put all that union money in Spitzer for Central Committee.

Spitzer then used the $17,000 from Spitzer for Central Committee to create a hit piece attacking Pauly and her husband.  It’s clear Spitzer used union money to attack Pauly.

Here’s the video from DeVore revealing Spitzer’s $54,000 in union money.  The “slush fund” DeVore referenced is Spitzer for Central Committee.

One Response to “Special-Interest Spitzer Uses $17,000 in Union Money to Attack Pauly”

  1. One of the biggest ironies of this situation is that I thought Scott Baugh was hostile to Todd Spitzer over these union ties just a few months ago. Baugh humiliated Spitzer at a recent Republican Central Committee meeting by featuring an OC Register writer who skewered Spitzer in front of the whole group.

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