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Two Bloggers Suspended from OC Political

Posted by Chris Nguyen on June 1, 2012

Third Supervisorial District Candidates

The two candidates for the Third Supervisorial District who were the subjects of the blog posts by HBK and The Rock of OC

Well, you’ve likely seen the two immediately prior posts, one each from HBK and The Rock of OC.  We had warned HBK and The Rock of OC to refrain from posting their propagandistic blogs regarding the Third Supervisorial District.  We had urged them to post about things that were outside the scope of the Third Supervisorial District contest, as those two bloggers had been using their posts simply to promote their favorite supervisorial candidate and attack that candidate’s opponent.

They have been unable to post about things outside of their propaganda relating to the Third Supervisorial District race and have abused the privilege of blogging here.

In light of their inability to restrain themselves, we have decided to take the extraordinary step of suspending those two bloggers.  They have lost their ability to post on this blog until June 6, the day after the Third Supervisorial District election is over.

12 Responses to “Two Bloggers Suspended from OC Political”

  1. Allen J. Wilson said

    You mean “Pseudonym” Bloggers. This is what you get when you make an Editorial judgment to allow bloggers to hide behind the curtain. Perhaps, it is time for all blogs to end the “Pseudonym” matter once and for all. Heck, even in Journalism newspapers do not have “Pseudonym” reporters.

    • Most of our pseudonymous bloggers have been responsible in their blogging, and we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. That’s why we’ve suspended these two rather than end pseudonymous blogging.

  2. Greg Diamond said

    Prudent use of the iron fist there, Chris.

    Is there seriously any danger of Deb Pauly winning this race? How low would turnout have to be for that to happen — somewhere under 50?

    • Greg, I’ve been assured that Pauly has at least 3 votes: hers, her husband’s and the one person in Villa Park willing to allow a yard sign in their yard. Her husband is iffy.

      • voter against career politicians said

        Wow , people (especially the men) are running scared of Pauly. Spitz would not be spending that war chest of union money if he wasn’t worried. The entrenched GOP establishment will eat their young if necessary to keep the good ole boys like Spitz in the club. People like Baugh know that Pauly cannot be bought by the unions and special interest groups like Spitz can so they will do whatever is necessary. Spitz and company would be kicking back doing nothing if they really felt Pauly had no chance.

  3. met00 said

    A better alternative would be to allow the bloggers to continue to post, but to put a disclaimer on their posts regarding the Third Supervisorial District. Who knows what gems they may have had buried in their posts that may have had unintended consequences.

  4. As you may know, I’m a political scientist and I have contributed articles to David Horowitz’s Front Page Magazine and American Thinker. I’ve been enjoying reading the work done here at OC Political. I sort of like the free-spirited energy of this site.

    • Greg Diamond said

      Why would anyone know that you’re a political scientist behind that pseudonym?

      Speaking, as I am, as a former political scientist….

      • Hi Greg: It’s easy. Just click on the blue A25 avatar and it brings up my full profile information. My life is an open book.

        • Greg Diamond said


          “an award-winning political scientist who has taught American government and public policy at a few of our nation’s formerly prestigious institutions including Williams College.”

          Are you presently employed as a political scientist? I don’t list myself as a political scientist as I taught my last class in the area in 1999.

          • I’m using my political science skills – statistics, regression analysis, program evaluation and public policy research – as a consultant to charities, schools and universities. I own my own company still teach on a lot of college campuses. I think I’m bright enough to know that your willingness to work as the Orange County Co-Coordinator at Jerry Brown 2010 is a sign of bad judgement for a fellow looking to be an elected official in Orange County, CA. :-)

  5. Hirotoshiy Staalw said

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