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2-16-2012 Filing Update

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on February 16, 2012

Things are starting to heat up in the world of the Republican Party Central Committee filing with some more candidates jumping in to the fray. Take a look at who has already pulled papers in each district (incumbents have a *):

55th Assembly District (Hagman)

Brenda McCune
Tim Shaw
Robert Lauten

65th Assembly District (Norby)

Alex Burrola
Baron Night*
Greg Sebourn
Henry Charoen
Jerry Jackson*
Sam Moua

68th Assembly District (Wagner)

Ken Williams
Noel Stone Parrish
Todd Spitzer*
Marcia Gilchrist*
Deborah Pauly*
Chris Emami (Yes, this is me)
Walter H. Myers III
Lynn Schott*

69th Assembly District (Solorio)

Lupe Moreno*

72nd Assembly District (Silva)

Janet Nguyen*
John Briscoe
Mark McCurdy*
Dennis Catron
Brian Hoops
Matthew Harper*

73rd Assembly District (Harkey)

Dave Duringer
Mary Young*
Mike Munzing*
Alice Anderson*
Norm Dickinson*
Steve Magdziak
Chandra Chell*

74th Assembly District (Mansoor)

Emily Sanford
Allan Bartlett*
Christina Shea
John Draper*

Stay tuned for more updates on this race including an overall analysis handicapping each race after the filing period has closed.

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