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KFI suspends John & Ken

Posted by Thomas Gordon on February 16, 2012


KFI has suspended the shock jock team of John & Ken due to insensitive and inappropriate remarks they made about Whitney Houston.

John Kobylt, the outspoken member of the team, referred to Whitney Houston as a “crack ho”

The management of KFI released a statement saying that “Management does not condone, support or tolerate statements of this kind”

John & Ken have come under fire in the past from immigrant rights advocates and others for their often inflammatory rhetoric.

So why did KFI decide to suspend John & Ken now?

2 Responses to “KFI suspends John & Ken”

  1. For the publicity, of course. They’ll take a day or two off, go to the Bahamas and be back next week. This is their stock in trade. They are enormously popular because of their style. They make KFI a ton of money and that is what will drive their “suspension”. Simply shocking…not

  2. I can’t believe he actually said that.

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