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Time to show Feinstein the door

Posted by Thomas Gordon on February 6, 2012


Why would someone 78 years old seek re-election to an office that she would hold until she reached 84 years of age?

Good question, but it couldn’t be for the $ 174,000 annual salary she draws from the taxpayers.

Her personal wealth is reportedly between 50 and 150 million dollars all of which is held is blind trust separate from her husbands.

This year Mrs.Feinstein is drawing some challengers.

Al Ramirez, a conservative businessman from Santa Monica has jumped into the race as has Dan Hughes, a conservative businessman from Oceanside who has raised $ 100,000 in the last 30 days.

Elizabeth Emken from Danville is looking to challenge and has already lined up endorsements from OC Republican Assemblymembers Don Wagner and Jim Silva.

Why Democrats keep supporting Mrs Feinstein is a mystery. She co-sponsored PIPA and voted to support the Patriot Act. She’s been in politics since 1978, more than half her life. And with personal wealth in the 100 million range, she’s clearly one of the 1% they loathe.

So will she get rewarded with another 6 years?

Only time will tell…..

4 Responses to “Time to show Feinstein the door”

  1. junior said

    “Why would someone 78 years old seek re-election to an office that she would hold until she reached 84 years of age?”

    I would ask Robert KKK Byrd – but he is not around.

  2. Of course she will be rewarded because Californians, on the whole, are stupid and lazy. They are too lazy to actually look at other candidates. It is easier to go to the voting booth and vote for “incumbent”.

    The Republicans are stupid, in their own right. They field 3 candidates who are full of themselves instead of fielding one strong candidate that could, with proper backing, actually defeat this old bag of wind. But, that is how California politics goes. Orange County is no better than any of the other 57 when it comes to that.

  3. How old was Reagan when he ran and won for president? 72? Please….Feinistein is an effective Senator

    • She’s an effective elitist. One of the 1%ers who also believes Congress should have a separate set of rules just for them. Never mind her absolute bias on the 2nd Amendment. I for one will be glad when she leaves office.

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