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Who is Anthony Stewart Pinkston, and Why is He Carpetbagging into the AD-72 Race?

Posted by Chris Nguyen on February 7, 2012

Yesterday, a fellow by the name of Anthony Stewart Pinkston pulled a signature-in-lieu petition for the 72nd Assembly District.  While obscure candidates often pull papers and even file, Pinkston’s candidacy seems a bit odd.

He has pinkstonforcal.com as his web site on the Registrar of Voters’s Candidate Filing Log, and the whois search on his web site’s domain name reveals that he registered pinkstonforcal.com on January 18, 2012, but it’s registered to a residence in Newport Beach, which is squarely in the 74th Assembly District.  Furthermore, Pinkston’s Facebook profile indicates that he lives in Newport Beach.  Why is a Newport Beach resident running for the 72nd District, which includes Westminster, Fountain Valley, Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, Midway City, most of Garden Grove, half of Huntington Beach, and a sliver of Santa Ana?

I can’t recall a carpetbagging candidate who wasn’t at least a viable candidate.  We’ve all seen candidates with zero chance of winning run for office, but how often do we see them carpetbag?  Is Pinkston just a crazy carpetbagger, or is he someone’s carpetbagging stalking horse?

4 Responses to “Who is Anthony Stewart Pinkston, and Why is He Carpetbagging into the AD-72 Race?”

  1. Hi Chris,

    I applaud you on being on top of this. I just registered yesterday and was amazed to see my name in your article less then 24hrs later. Just to clear things up I don’t live in Newport, I just haven’t updated my facebook location or my godady account in a couple years. Thank you for pointing this out. I will fix it soon. As far as having zero chance of winning, well I’ll accept that as a challenge. If you would like to know more about me contact me at pinkstonforcal@gmail.com. I’d be more then glad to answer any questions you may have.

    Anthony Stewart Pinkston
    A candidate of courage and conscience.

  2. This should hurt Matt Harper, right? I can’t see this taking votes from Tyler.

  3. Clearly, Pinkston has zero chance of winning since he’s not on the ballot.

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