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Steve Rocco is Back

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on January 30, 2012

Steve Rocco is back in the public eye having pulled papers to run against Supervisor Janet Nguyen in the 1st Supervisorial District. Rocco, as you may remember was elected to the Orange Unified School District back in 2004 and has since run for Santa Ana City Council, Orange County Public Administrator/Guardian, and now Orange County Supervisor.

Janet Nguyen will coast to victory if he is the only opponent for her in this election but rumors are swirling that either Jose Solorio or possibly Lou Correa will jump into this race. Hopefully the GOP will get behind her quickly and throw a lot of support her way as this seat does have a registration advantage for the Democrats.

Filing hasn’t even opened yet so we will have to wait and see who ends up being in the field after it is finalized. Fundraising will also be interesting with Kindee Durkee helping out numerous Republican candidates by draining numerous Democrats of their left over money, including I believe Solorio and Correa.

13 Responses to “Steve Rocco is Back”

  1. One Who Knows said

    Of course Correa’s going to run for this he can beat Solario at fundraising, and it won’t matter that he gave the BOS the middle finger a few years when he saw the opportunity to go to the Senate. Neither is Solario the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    And what really won’t matter was the promise he made when in the Senate to not raise taxes, which he did. Correa is a racially-favorable candidate — in this District, competency doesn’t matter and skin color does.

    Nguyen, who won by only three points in ’08 and has turned a lot of friends, contributors and supporters into enemies, is going to get creamed, and cost the OC GOP a valuable office.

  2. I don’t know about that. At the end of the day I think that Janet ends up winning.

  3. If Correa jumps into the race, I don’t think Nguyen will have an easy time of it. As a moderate Democrat, many Reoublicans will vote for him because of his record of crossing the aisle, particularly on tax and user fee matters. His efforts on pension reform won’t hurt him either. Nguyen, on the other hand, has done little to advance a clear position and has done many things such as Cal Optima to make it look like she is only out for herself and the Asian community.

    • I disagree. Correa sold us out when he voted to raise taxes after he promised that he wouldn’t. Republicans won’t vote for him because he raised taxes and Democrats will likely have issues with him over the recent health care deal. Penson reform, really???

      He also was wiped out by Kindee Durkee which has put him in a tough position as he is not in a good spot for a race this tough.

      Janet has been a solid vote on the OC Board of Supes and as a Republican in a Democrat district I am behind her and hope that everybody will circle the wagons on this one.

  4. Judith said

    What a great blog

  5. Maureen said

    Vote Rocco!

  6. Victoria Blanchard said

    I don’t know where either party stands. I hear alot against radical skate boarder Rocco who is causing havoc for the status quo which I think is good, the Board has done a LOUSY JOB no matter whether he is acting in a professional manner or not, Rocco should not make a 3 ring circus out of the meetings and point fingers, what can he do for the real orange county kids, I don’t know what Rocco stands FOR. Not one thing on the web. I AGREE THERE ARE CONSPIRACIES IN OUR COUNTRY AND OC BOARD IS CORRUPT TO THE CORE. I LIKED THE FOR SALE SIGN AND TROLL DOLL AT HIS DESK. I am against the radial homo agenda in schools and I am a Christian. I am against more taxes and I am against AGENDA 21 a UN agenda to take over the world county by county over riding Congress and everyone else. When I think of Obama, I think the T-Shirt “Oh Shit” is a good one. I like Rocco because he grew up here, not like a bunch of immigrants.

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