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Nick is Nuts Newspaper

Posted by Chris Nguyen on March 8, 2016

About six weeks ago, Bieber Communications prepared the “Nick is Nuts” mailer highlights an August article from the Voice of OC and a December article from the Orange County Register describing Lake Forest Councilman Adam Nick’s bizarre behavior and his effort to recall Mayor Andrew Hamilton and Councilmen Scott Voigts and Dwight Robinson.

This month, Bieber and the Nick is Nuts committee delivered a newspaper to the voters of Lake Forest compiling Nick’s numerous controversies:

  • The $250,000 cost of the recall to taxpayers, and Nick spending $100,000 on the recall
  • Nick’s numerous name changes
  • Petition circulators being paid $9 per hour
  • Broad coalition opposing the recall
  • Nick’s vote to get rid of the Sheriff’s Department, who provides police services to Lake Forest
  • Nick’s “cash, bribes, and rage” as covered by prior media articles
  • Nick’s campaign sign controversy
  • Nick claiming to have a CPA license when it appears the State of California has no record of him having one

Nick and his allies obtained the official recall petition on December 22 and have until April 20 to submit more than 8,000 valid signatures.

Here’s the mailer (click on any of the newspaper images for a PDF of the newspaper):

Lake Forest - Lake Forest News_Page_1 Lake Forest - Lake Forest News_Page_2 Lake Forest - Lake Forest News_Page_3 Lake Forest - Lake Forest News_Page_4

2 Responses to “Nick is Nuts Newspaper”

  1. Greg Diamond said

    Sounds legit.

  2. re71 said

    Andrew Hamilton, Scott Voigts and Dwight Robinson MUST be RECALLED!
    They hide behind a guise, claim to be Republican, America, apple pie, God fearing, etc., but they represent big government, ignore the people of Lake Forest, and brown nose their way through every vote, without consideration to the residents and at the expense of the residents.
    The OC GOP is making a huge mistake in getting involved in what’s supposed to be a non-partisan city council recall. The residents are seeking recall based on corruption collusion these 3 have NEVER addressed. But they sure have spent a lot of time trying to deflect attention away from themselves with stalking, secretly video taping girl(s), and posting altered versions on social media, fake news papers and propaganda is what these weasels are all about!

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