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Nick is Nuts Mailer

Posted by Chris Nguyen on January 20, 2016

One of the more amusing pieces of mail in quite some time was left at the tables at Monday night’s Central Committee meeting.  Produced by Bieber Communications, the “Nick is Nuts” piece highlights an August article from the Voice of OC and a December article from the Orange County Register describing Lake Forest Councilman Adam Nick’s bizarre behavior.

The Nick is Nuts piece uses the articles to warn Lake Forest residents against signing the recall petition Nick is circulating against Mayor Andrew Hamilton and Councilmen Scott Voigts and Dwight Robinson.  By pointing out Nick’s strange behavior, the piece admonishes residents that signing the recall petition would let nutty Nick gain control of the Lake Forest City Council.

Even the disclaimer is fun due to the anti-recall committee’s name.  The disclaimer reads, “Paid for by Nick is Nuts, A Committee Opposing the Recall of Mayor Hamilton, Councilmembers Voigts and Robinson 2016.”

Nick and his allies obtained the official recall petition on December 22 and have until April 20 to submit more than 8,000 valid signatures.

Here’s the mailer (click on the mailer images for a larger PDF):



13 Responses to “Nick is Nuts Mailer”

  1. junior said

    This mailer reminds me of a similar mailer directed at Art Pedroza in 2008, I believe – same nuts. Funny.

    • carpetbagger said

      I was thinking Greg Diamond circa 2013.

    • Funniest part is that I am the one heading up the recall, not Adam Nick. And this “committee” is violating the law because it has not registered with the FPPC nor the City of Lake Forest.

      • I just looked online, and according to the City web site, the committee registered on January 29. According to the Secretary of State’s web site, it’s registered with the FPPC.

        Leah, what role is Adam Nick playing in the recall?

        • Councilman Nick Adams doesn’t have anything to do with the recall. Dwight Robinson, Scott Voigts and Andrew Hamilton are being supported by the developers and construction companies, who sent out the above flier. The recall is because of their voting records not Adams.

        • re71 said

          The deplorable mailer was already in full circulation prior to your piece posted on January 20, 2016.
          If their filing date shows 1/29/2016, that’s nearly one month after sending out slanderous and bigoted mailers meant to distort the facts and redirect the attention away from the facts the recall petition is based, i.e. the corruption, cronyism and total disregard of the people of Lake Forest.

          • The city filing is only a copy. The state filing is the original one. Additionally, state law only requires registration 10 days after receiving/spending $2,000.

            • re71 said

              I looked up the state filing.
              the developers and or whomever paid for the mass mailings were done in November or at the latest – December of 2015, the money and labor alone to create, mass produce and send out via many mediums would extent $2,000.
              But truly, this is the least of their problems.

  2. Carol Redhead said

    Just another reason I’m “outta there”! There is a secret silent migration out of the OC. Ask around and you will find cerain neighbors who are missing because they recently moved to other parts of California or out of state. I just moved to Lompoc, and found 7 others who just moved here or to nearby Orcutt. Hmmm. Carol Redhead

    On Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 8:58 AM, OC Political wrote:

    > Chris Nguyen posted: “One of the more amusing pieces of mail in quite some > time was left at the tables at Monday night’s Central Committee meeting. > Produced by Bieber Communications, the “Nick is Nuts” piece highlights > an August article from the Voice of OC and a December art” >

  3. I am disgusted with my own Republican Party! I’m a resident of Lake Forest, love my city and involved in a petition to recall three of our city councilman, Dwight Robinson, Scott Voigts, and Andrew Hamilton, men I supported because their literature stated they are “conservative Republicans”.

    In my opinion they are horrible, being obviously paid off by the developers, voting to support the county over the needs of the city residents and horrible liars. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions and votes they are now, with the support of developers and construction companies, tearing our city apart. They’re pointing fingers at another councilman as the reason for the recall petitions which they know is a lie. They are lying about us and to us…including me personally.

    They vote and drool over every developer (same ones that donated to their campaigns). What happens to Code of Ethics? They voted for 4200 new homes, no new schools, police services and or roads.

    They continue to vote to stay with the horrific OC Animal “Care Shelter”, famous for its corruption, animal abuse and EXTREME HIGJH KILL numbers over a local inexpensive no-kill option. I hear they want to make ‘points’ with Don Wagner. He just lost my vote! Anyone that supports KILLING MASSIVE NUMBERS OF ABONDON AND LOST PETS IS HEARTLESS!
    They won’t even support a room for Meals on Wheels. Other cities feed our homebound seniors.
    Is this what the Republican Party has become??? Heartless???

    Now I hear you support them? Well….I’m not sure I can support and ever vote for another Republican. Maybe Donald Trump, who hopefully will go up against this type of awful behavior you support.

  4. […] six weeks ago, Bieber Communications prepared the “Nick is Nuts” mailer highlights an August article from the Voice of OC and a December article from the Orange County […]

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