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A Response to James Doti’s Article “A Void of Values Among GOP Candidates” (Immigration)

Posted by Walter Myers III on March 6, 2016

trumpThere James Doti goes again in his Orange County Register article titled A Void of Values Among GOP Candidates. I have great respect for Mr. Doti as President of Chapman University. In just a short time Chapman has become a leading American university in no small part thanks to Mr. Doti’s leadership. But as usual, I vehemently disagree with his positions on immigration, which in my view are unfortunately just as thoughtless as they are wrong. I find it hard to believe a man of such education consistently takes such illogical and ill-considered positions on illegal immigration.

Now to begin, I am not a Trump supporter. I support Ted Cruz. Nonetheless, while I disagree with many of Trump’s antics, I do believe he loves America deeply and that his rise is a response by the Republican base against elected Republicans who cower at every bad word they are called, and who campaign on conservative values but when they get to Washington curiously end up moving forward the fundamental transforming of America by Obama and his fellow Democrats. Republican voters, in a word, feel woefully betrayed by their elected leaders.

To Mr. Doti’s article, and the tasteless, completely false cartoon above it stating that Trump is scapegoating the Mexican people, there is hardly a game of “one-upmanship” with respect to the 11 million illegal immigrants living in America. He notes how illegal immigrants that come here to live, work, and play “have not become naturalized citizens” and further that “illegal” only connotes that they entered our nation “without permission.” It’s hard for me to fathom someone as learned as Mr. Doti having such a simplistic and simple-minded notion that people who have broken the law gives them the right to citizenship, and that anyone who has the mind to can just show up in America “without permission.” Shall we just roll out the red carpet for any and all comers without qualification? We are a sovereign nation that has laws, and if these people want to become citizens, then they can apply for citizenship in the same manner as the millions of people from Mexico and Central America who have come here legally and are still waiting in line. Why do these people deserve less than those who break our laws to come here?

Mr. Doti goes on to accuse Trump of violating the welcoming message of Lady Liberty, yet Trump has done nothing of the sort. Trump has not stated, expressly or implied, that he does not welcome legal immigrants to America. In fact, he has stated he is open to illegal immigrants leaving and subsequently returning through legal means. The wall he proposes is to keep out people who would come here illegally, which includes those who would commit crimes or terrorist acts. And second to that would be to put in place a working legal immigration system. So Mr. Doti is putting words in the mouth of Trump that he hasn’t said. Again, it’s very hard for me to believe a university president could be so careless with his words.

I want to now answer Mr. Doti’s specific questions at the end of his article, which are so easily answered they’re hardly worth asking. First, I think all of the Republican candidates have their respective strengths and weaknesses. I personally think Cruz best represents the party’s values of liberty, equality under the law, personal responsibility, small government, and strong national defense. While I don’t agree with Trump’s view of deportation of illegal immigrants, it is hardly radical, racist, or unwelcoming. The word “illegal” means something and if you are here illegally, you do have human rights, but you have absolutely no claim to either citizenship or acceptance into our society. As to Mr. Doti’s question of a “new birth of freedom for our 11 million fellow Americans”, I couldn’t be more insulted by such a notion. Illegal immigrants are not “fellow Americans.” They have every opportunity and right to use the legal process to become Americans. It is, in my view, an affront to our legal system that Mr. Doti would use such language and I deeply question his commitment to law and order in America. His view is simply unconscionable.

Mr. Doti’s next question asks which candidate has a vision for our nation based on “kindness and inclusivity” rather than “meanness and exclusivity.” Because a candidate believes in upholding our country’s immigration laws does not make that candidate “mean and exclusive,” so Mr. Doti’s view is no different than what I would expect from a Democrat. All of the candidates are welcoming to legal immigrants, and with respect to exclusivity, it is clear you can’t “include” anyone and everyone who would come to America because there are literally seven billion people on the planet. You have to exclude someone. And for any given illegal immigrant that would have instead used the legal immigration system, they would have been afforded the same opportunity to be included as anyone who has afforded themselves of the legal immigration system. To his last question about coming home to the Party of Lincoln, all are welcome to apply legally who would pledge their allegiance to America. It is a privilege, and not a right, and if you violate our country’s laws you should not expect to be rewarded for it no matter how long you have been here.

3 Responses to “A Response to James Doti’s Article “A Void of Values Among GOP Candidates” (Immigration)”

  1. *We really don’t need a small minded, mean spirited, obnoxious, overbearing, Canadian to be our next President. We don’t need someone that wears designer blue jeans with a pouch
    at the front to speak before CPAC along with wearing mascara, eye shadow and acting as if they were the expert on social and legal issues in this country. Why hasn’t Mr. Cruz asked
    that the Mexican Government ask Sheriff Joe Arpaio to create a tent city incarceration camp across the border in Mexico? Why hasn’t Mr. Cruz demanded that every firearm purchase and transfer go through a Federal Firearm Licensed Dealer that offers a mandatory drug test…to be sure they are in fact Law Abiding Citizens and Firearm owners? Why doesn’t Mr. Cruz ask that the Government of the United States demand that Big Pharma release all their Cancer Cures to the General Public….with a Government NIH Pay-off? Why doesn’t Mr. Cruz demand that Solar Powered Nano Turbine Powered Automobiles and Commercial Vehicles be offered in three years to a world demanding non-fossil fuel vehicles? There are many things that Mr. Cruz could do to offer Republican voters a hopeful future….including passing the Liz Warren Senior Citizen Grant for all years when there is no APR increase. How about also asking Big
    Pharma to decease and desist using television advertising to pump their new non-cure drugs? How about offering people GMO legislation at the Federal level which requires ingredients
    for every food and commercial product that is ingested to be listed? Kindness and inclusiveness might have a stronger meaning with actual problem solving….rather than rants?

  2. Sick of Politics said

    Loved reading every word!

  3. William Colver said

    Walter Myers III wrote:

    “Shall we just roll out the red carpet for any and all comers without qualification? ”

    Isn’t that exactly what we did for Cruz’s dad? His father emigrated to the U.S. via Canada after claiming to be fleeing the Castro regime. Claiming political refugee status. It’s not like he waited in line that he and his son demand of others fleeing what are arguably similar political or economic circumstances.

    Why is is that a Cuban who can get to the U.S. via any means is welcomed as a refugee and a Mexican or other Central American fleeing poverty or a violent environment (ie. cartel or death squad) is considered a criminal?

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