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Jim Silva: Conservative leaders rightly back Don Wagner for Senate

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on March 9, 2015

This came over the wire to OC Political earlier today from former Assemblyman/former Supervisor Jim Silva (a slightly edited version was published in the Daily Pilot this afternoon)…

With the special election for state Senate District 37 set for March 17, the familiar lament about negative advertising fills the op-ed pages, blogs and social media sites.

He said this, she said that, he said the other thing, with each of the two front-runners denying the particular charges leveled against them.

So with all this noise, who do you believe? Who is best suited to represent the 37th Senate District in Sacramento?

The answer can be found by looking at the endorsements of the elected officials you know and trust. Assemblyman Don Wagner’s endorsements are a who’s who of Orange County conservative leaders: District Attorney Tony Rackauckas and Sheriff Sandra Hutchens both endorse him as the best candidate to keep our community safe.

Four of the five current county supervisors (Lisa Bartlett, Andrew Do, Todd Spitzer and Michelle Steel), and three of the four who served the last term with candidate John Moorlach (State Senators Janet Nguyen and Patricia Bates as well as Spitzer), have endorsed Wagner as the best candidate to work effectively in Sacramento to pass legislation that helps Orange County and California. Orange County Auditor-Controller Eric Woolery, Assessor Claude Parrish and Clerk-Recorder Hugh Nguyen likewise endorse Wagner.

All three of Orange County’s congressional representatives, Reps. Ed Royce, Mimi Walters and Dana Rohrabacher, the vast majority of the Republican caucus in the state Assembly, and many others round out the overwhelming support Wagner enjoys among those who have worked with him and Moorlach.

The reason for this overwhelming support is simple: Wagner has a well-earned reputation for taking a common-sense approach to the problems that face Orange County and the state and, while maintaining his conservative principles, working across the aisle to get legislation passed and signed by the governor.

That is why Wagner has been recognized as the legislator of the year by the Orange County Republican Party and the Orange County Business Council and has received the Collaborative Lawmaker Award from the Association of California Cities.

Orange County needs a principled and effective leader in the state Senate, and Wagner is that candidate.

4 Responses to “Jim Silva: Conservative leaders rightly back Don Wagner for Senate”

  1. Hahaha said

    Wow, Walter Myers publishes a brilliant and scathing critique of Wagner selling his soul and cashing in his conservative bona fides in a dishonest attempt to smear Moorlach, and Wagner responds with Jim Silva?!?!?

    Silva is hardly a conservative stalwart and really has no accomplishment anyone could ever point to. This article is equally as boring as Silva’s record. Was Wagner doing him a favor by circulating it?

    BORING! Bring back the Walter Myers posts.

  2. Dianne Thompson said

    That’s a great article, thank you for sending it!

    From: Dirissy Doan [mailto:Dirissy@ocar.org]
    Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 9:01 AM
    To: Dianne Thompson
    Subject: Jim Silva: Conservative leaders rightly back Don Wagner for Senate

  3. Many Establishment Republican Politicians may support him, but unfortunately for Wagner, the grassroots conservative base is solidly behind John Moorlach! Mr. Silva and other GOP establishment players need to realize that most of us don’t pull the lever for a candidate based on how much support that candidate gets from GOP politicians! It actual sends major red flags out and works against a candidate if that person is supported by a majority of establishment base! Sorry Mr. Silva, having your support and the support of RINO’s like Bob Huff really doesn’t change our minds any!!!! It actual makes us more confident in our support for Moorlach! You see Mr. Silva, we actual believe Republicans running for office shouldn’t be in bed with the Unions and shouldn’t support amnesty for illegal aliens! Call us principled nuts, but at least we adhere to the party platform, unlike Mr. Wagner and the other folks in O.C. who support him! Kelly

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