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Don Wagner, Please Go Positive

Posted by Walter Myers III on January 22, 2015

120213 Don WagnerYesterday I received an announcement from Don Wagner regarding his run for the 37th Senate District (my district). As I have written before, I think Don is an outstanding candidate, but I wanted this to be a race instead of a coronation because when it is a race we learn a lot more about what a candidate thinks and what that candidate will probably do if they win. For his “opening volley” (so to speak), Don starts off strong telling us about his experience on two fiscal committees, his business experience, and his commitment to continue bringing no-nonsense conservative, pro-growth ideas to the state legislature. These are excellent qualifications. But then he goes negative with the following comment about his opponent, former Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach. Specifically, Don has the following to say about Moorlach:

“My opponent is a termed out, formerly full time politico since the days of the first Clinton Administration with nothing to do but campaign in the district. Meanwhile, I am busy working for our district in Sacramento.”

Don, you know how much I love and respect you as my Assemblyman, but there is no good reason I can think of to do this. First, it is immaterial that Moorlach is termed out and it has no bearing on his qualifications for State Senate. Also, the fact that he has been working full-time in government since the Clinton administration is not a disqualifying attribute either. While I’m not terribly excited about people who become “career politicians,” I am far more concerned with how they govern rather than how long they have been in government. I will take a politician with a long tenure of service who wisely and judiciously spends my money over someone who has served one term and is reckless with it. If there is anyone who has proven that he is fiscally sound and a defender of the taxpayer, it is John Moorlach. Finally, Moorlach has been busy working for Orange County up until terming out, so you’re both even on that count.

What I expected to hear, and hope I will hear moving forward, is less about Moorlach that has nothing to do with his policies and positions, more details on why your policies or positions are superior to his, why you specifically want to run for the Senate, and what you plan to accomplish if you are chosen to represent us. In other words, I want details, and I would like to see a positive campaign. Please take this to heart and simply let us know why we should vote for you over Moorlach.

9 Responses to “Don Wagner, Please Go Positive”

  1. It is unfortunate that Assemblyman Wagner resorts to going negative in attacking another candidate seeking the same office. The biggest challenge in Sacramento is our unsubstantiable financial obligations. We need someone like CPA John Moorlach who surely is well versed on financial challenges. When John exposed Bob Citron’s taking risks with taxpayer funds in the early 90’s he was a hero and now we rip him for completing his term in office? Don. Why are you running for this Senate seat? Like John today you will be facing the same Term Limits that former Supervisor Moorlach faced. Let’s have positive exchanges to see which candidate best meets the needs of the constituents in that district and the rest of us whose tax dollars are in play.

  2. Gary DeLong said

    We are fortunate to have two outstanding candidates. I agree with Walter Myers – let’s have a strong, issue oriented campaign.

  3. Ken Coop said

    Why shouldn’t Moolach’s history be an issue?

    He has been in office for 20 years as a full time, fully benefitted, and fully pensioned individual for 20 years courtesy of the OC taxpayer. Which is ironic given that one of his campaign issues is unfunded pension liabilities.

    At what point in time do we recognize him as a career politician?

    And is that a positive or a negative?

    • Walter Myers III said

      Ken, let’s say that Wagner wins. He has been in Assembly since 2010. If he serves two 4-year terms, then he will have spent roughly 13 years in public service. If he were to run for some other public position, couldn’t his opponent say he is a career politico? I don’t think it is necessarily a positive or negative, but an is. What is important is the person’s record.

  4. Ken Coop said

    Walter, we are not discussing a future election. We are discussing this one. When the scenario you describe comes about we can discuss it then.

    Again I ask why Moorlach’s being a career politician for 20 years shouldn’t be an issue?

    Wagner has indeed been in public office. However, his office doesn’t come with a pension like Moorlach’s.

    I believe that issue is part of Moorlach’s record and is a valid discussion point given his rhetoric about unfunded liabilities. How much of that unfunded liability is as a result of the pension that is owed Moorlach?

    • Walter Myers III said

      Ken, Wagner didn’t say anything about his pension. I think that is a legitimate question and that should be put to Moorlach. But it is immaterial to what Don wrote. There is nothing wrong with being in public service for 20 years. The pension is a separate issue.

  5. Mirror Mirror said

    Who else is termed out? Oh that’s right it’s Don Wagner, termed out of the Assembly.

    • Walter Myers III said

      Mirror, legislators first elected on or before June 5, 2012 are limited to three terms in Assembly and two terms in the Senate. Afterwards, a legislator can serve a total of 12 years regardless of how much time spent in Assembly or Senate.

  6. Ken Coop said

    Another part of Moorlach’s record that should be examined is the millions of taxpayer dollars that were spent both directly and indirectly in the frivolous lawsuit. This was all done at his urging.

    Turns out the “experts” he used were nothing but snake oil salesmen wannabes.

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