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Moorlach Enters SD-37 Race Against Wagner

Posted by Newsletter Reprint on November 30, 2014

Supervisor John Moorlach made a brief bid for Governor in February 2013 and dropping out four months later (Jerry Brown was re-elected to that seat), announcing a bid for the 45th Congressional District in December 2013 and dropping out three months later (Mimi Walters won that seat), and then flirted with bids for the 74th Assembly District (Matt Harper won that seat) and Auditor-Controller (Eric Woolery won that seat).

Today, Jon Fleischman at FlashReport reported on Supervisor John Moorlach’s entry into the 37th Senate District race against Assemblyman Don Wagner to replace Mimi Walters, who will vacate the seat to head to Congress.  Here’s an excerpt of Fleischman’s report

Both Moorlach and Wagner are conservatives, the former being a bit more iconic because of his prediction of the County of Orange’s bankruptcy back in the 90′s.

Neither Moorlach nor Wagner are known as being prolific fundraisers — though Wagner has had his eye in this seat for some time and starts with a head start.

One big question is whether the presence of two conservative foreshadows a more moderate entry into the race.

If Moorlach can raise (or self fund) 200k or more he would be very formidable for anyone, including Wagner, to beat. But that’s a big if. Moorlach floated a bid for Congress last year and dropped it largely as a function of fundraising challenges. Although he was trying to run against the aggressive Mimi Walters, who is a strong fundraiser.

Here’s an excerpt of Moorlach’s announcement…

In the last week I have been making calls when possible, as there were OCTA and Board of Supervisors meetings and the Thanksgiving holidays.  These calls have been extremely positive and I’m putting a campaign team together for the sprint that is called a special election.

Before I officially announce, I wanted you to know first.  There is only one other announced candidate at this time.  In fact, we did lunch a month ago and he is aware that I’ve been mulling this decision over.  I still need to connect with him to let him know that I am even more strongly leaning in running for this seat.

If you’re happy to endorse or support me, that would be great news.  With your permission, I may even include your name in my official announcement, which I hope to release sometime this week.

Thank you for allowing my wife and I to serve you as a County Treasurer-Tax Collector for nearly twelve years.  Thank you for allowing us to serve in the position of a County Supervisor for eight years; where I had a ball achieving numerous significant accomplishments.  Thank you for being a friend and for being on my e-mail tree.

After I make a formal announcement, I hope to engage you in some form or fashion in achieving a successful result next spring.  Together, let’s shake it up, again.


5 Responses to “Moorlach Enters SD-37 Race Against Wagner”

  1. lie detector said

    I’m not a huge Moorlach fan but he gets my vote over Wagner. I don’t think Moorlach would ever sign a letter calling for a Republican congressional delegation to vote for comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) to “solidify families” after the illegals stole millions of jobs from unemployed Americans. And particularly after they scarfed up billions of US taxdollars worth of free medical care and education. I’m glad John’s running to give Wagner some head to head competition. Had Wagner shown some public initiative on fighting illegal immigration in California during his Assembly stint I would not feel this way. My vote is the price he pays. And there are thousands that certainly feel the same way as I do. Best of luck, Mr. Moorlach!

  2. lie detector said

    Hold it! Let me amend my previous comment to give Wagner a fighting chance. I vow to vote for the 37th District state senatorial candidate (Wagner or Moorlach) who fails to get Mimi Walter’s endorsement. That’s how much I can’t stand Mimi Walters. To my knowledge Mimi hasn’t furnished an endorsement yet but no doubt will all in good time. So my vote rests in her hands. There. That’s fair.

  3. KenCoop said

    Since Moorlach is now finishing his 20th year in public office. At what point in time can we start calling him a career politician?

    Or is that no longer a factor to be considered a negative?

  4. Gary Langdale said

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