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Robert Ming for 5th District Supervisor!

Posted by Craig P. Alexander on October 21, 2014

There are a lot of reasons I have been supporting Robert Ming to be our next Supervisor from the 5th District of Orange County. Robert is a true leader that has proven himself in both the private sector and the public sector (as an eight year member of Laguna Niguel’s City Council – being its Mayor twice).

The Flashreport has just published an article by Robert about the new statewide plastic bag ban.  I will not re-print the entire article here, just the first paragraph with a link so the reader can go over to the Flashreport and review the entire article.

“Governor Brown just made single-use plastic grocery bags a thing of the past in California, maybe. Opponents of the ban have already started collecting signatures for a referendum to overturn it. While several people close to me, my wife included, would love to give you an earful about paper vs. plastic, the law is troubling for a bigger reason. It illustrates one of California’s biggest problems: government regulates too much.” – See more at: Not Just A Plastic Bag Ban

In addition, Robert has taken the no union pledge meaning he will not seek endorsements or campaign contributions from public employee unions.  Robert’s opponent is being carried by government employee unions as noted by my friend Greg Woodard in his recent post Union Money Invades Mission Viejo. Robert will not be beholden to any public employee union for his election to the Board of Supervisors when he sits across the table with them for contract negotiations.

For more about Robert and his campaign go to www.robertming.com

Disclosure: I am a long supporter of Robert Ming and his campaign for County Supervisor, 5th District.  I am also a candidate for Capistrano Unified School District, Trustee Area 4 (Craig for CUSD).  In addition, I am not a political consultant or on any candidate’s payroll.

9 Responses to “Robert Ming for 5th District Supervisor!”

  1. Dan Avery said

    Craig, what troubles me is that Ming okayed a Jumbo loan at 3.375% and 5% for a city employee. There isn’t a bank around that would meet those terms. The five percent down is a sticking point for banks. The banks almost always seek 20% down, especially on a Jumbo loan. Do we really want a supervisor who loans out tax dollars at below market rates. Lord, it was bad enough when the Feds bailed out the banks; now will city government become the banks for their employees? Also your Union money point about Mission Viejo is more than misleading. The candidates had nothing to do with the funds. It was given to a PAC. The spin you gave it would do Larry Gilbert and his buddy Francis proud, but it’s beneath you.

  2. Craig P. Alexander said

    The references to the city manager loan are not on point regarding Robert’s leadership on the plastic bag issue.

    However let me add some facts about the loan Dan left out.

    The new City Manager needed to move to Laguna Niguel rather than (I think) Upland where he was living when he was hired (a very, very long commute). It is in the City’s best interests to have the City Manager live in the city he/she works for especially if there is a crisis.

    The loan is secured by a first trust deed and the terms of the loan and the City Manager’s contract with the city are that if he ever leaves the employ of the city for any reason, the loan is fully due and payable at that time. By being in the first trust deed place, the City can recoup its investment if it ever has to foreclose on the property.

    The City had the funds in the bank thanks to excellent management of the city’s finances by Robert and other City Council persons past and present. Plus those funds are earning interest for the City at a higher rate than they would in a savings account.

    I am not a loan broker but it is my understanding that the interest rates on the loan were market rate at that time.

    Dan I looked at what I wrote about Robert taking the no union pledge and that he will not be beholden to them if he is elected Supervisor. There is nothing misleading about those statements. The fact that you don’t like Larry Gilbert is a red herring and off point. Larry Gilbert is not running for Supervisor.

    • Frank Ury said

      @Craig: No, you do NOT give a city manager a home loan BACKED by the taxpayers. Pay him what he needs to afford a house, but do NOT put a gift of public funds on the back of Laguna Niguel taxpayers. If he defaults and the house is upside down (due to only 5% down), who gets STUCK with the loss???? You can rationalize a home loan for ANY city employee with a commute over 30 miles with your logic. Anyone else does this and you burn them at the stake, but not for your good ‘ol buddy. The hypocrisy is dripping all over this. Name one other time you have supported such an action for anyone.

      And so what if the city has the money. That is $1,000,00 that cannot be used to build a park, maintain a street, provide services. It is gone for all intents and purposes from the residents of Laguna Niguel for 30 YEARS, and used only to benefit one employee. That is not justifiable..

      • Craig P. Alexander said


        Your bitterness at losing in the primary is the thing that is dripping all over this. So much so you are endorsing someone who has grown government, instituted a plastic bag ban, increased taxes, etc. while at Dana Point’s City Council.

        So much bitterness that you have endorsed my teacher’s union endorsed and financed opponent for the CUSD race.

        Frank you are a long way from the guy that helped put Prop. 226 on the ballot.

        I am not going to respond to any more of your vitriol.

    • danavery said

      Oh I get it Craig: Unions Bad…”Friend Good.” That’s right out of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, that logic is. So to recap hard working teachers: you want to undermine their pensions…never mind they spent the majority of their working life being underpaid, working to improve society… and your buddy Robert Ming pipe-dreams a below-market-rate, jumbo loan, too reckless for a crack smoking banker to sign off on, but Robert signs off and he gives it to…wait for it…a public sector employee who, according who according to your own party ALREADY has way too many perks like health insurance and retirement benefits and what not. But Because Robert is your friend it’s all good? How Ghetto are you, Craig? Pass that bong over here, man, cause whatever you’re smoking makes you dead stupid. Hey folks Craig P. Alexander right here with a wonderful use of your tax dollar. And he wants to tell you how to vote. Ho ho….Christmas comes early for his friends…

  3. danavery said

    Oh hey, Craig, did you read the register? It’s conservative enough for you to have done so. Seems your guy Ming is in bed with some fool who thinks homes in the $850,000 range are “fixer uppers.” Wow you “conservatives’ really know how to roll! I don’t know a liberal or a socialist who would dare say that crap. But then, you know, Craig, teacher’s make WAY too much money and don’t deserve their pensions. Ho ho. How do you spell Koch, Craig? I know “Friend Good.”

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