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Brown v Board of Education Shamefully Revisited in California

Posted by Walter Myers III on June 15, 2014

Julia MaciasA beautiful thing happened this past week. It was not Barack Obama’s visit to Laguna Beach where, as usual, he was whisked into a private gated community at taxpayer expense where the public had no access to him, where he held a $32,000 a plate fundraiser that only the super-rich could attend. These happen to be the same super-rich that he calls “fat cats” for not paying their “fair share” of taxes while telling the rest of us who have no access to him that he is fighting against them for us. Sure thing, Mr. President. We’re just that gullible and stupid to believe people like you who say one thing and do another while you enrich yourself and those who have sold their souls to jump into bed with big government. I believe it is called crony capitalism. Anyway, this article is not about the injustices of the lawless Obama administration foisted on an American populous that should have known better than to have voted him into office the first time, let alone a second. It is about the astounding legal victory handed to California students and parents, striking down the state tenure and seniority system as unconstitutional that has consigned poor and minority students to less than a quality education.

Those children of California who have been least able to defend themselves due to circumstance of birth have, in effect, been subjected to racist policies driven by the stunning hutzpah, avarice, and greed displayed by the California teachers unions, all the while supported by Democrats in the state legislature who were more than happy to take union campaign contributions and look the other way while California’s children were failing to be educated. The teachers unions continue to defend bad laws and are promising to appeal the ruling handed down by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu, who judged that five statutes of the California Education Code are unconstitutional since they violate the fundamental right of all students to receive a quality education. Notably, and truthfully, Judge Treu compared the Vergara v California case to the landmark Brown v Board of Education Supreme Court case that ordered desegregation 60 years ago in 1954, which ended “separate but equal” educational facilities that everyone knew to be inherently unequal. The Vergara case is based on nine public school students’ claims (the plaintiffs) that “grossly ineffective teachers obtaining and retaining permanent employment… are disproportionately situated in schools serving predominantly low-income and minority students.” The case they made couldn’t be more clear, as the judge noted.

While my view is that the state laws did not have the original intent to be racist, that was their effect. And that has been their effect for a very long time with the full knowledge of both the teachers unions and the Democrat-controlled legislature in Sacramento that is beholden to the California Teachers Association $300 million war chest. Just as Barack Obama has an insatiable desire for the $32,000 a plate breakfast fundraisers populated by coastal gentry liberals and billionaire tech oligarchs, the Democrat Party of California has an insatiable desire for teachers union money since it is easy and plentiful. If a poor education for children other than their own is the consequence, then that’s a small price to pay to stay in office. When these children reach adulthood and enter the workforce unequipped, then they will become easy pickings for government handouts, and thus lifelong Democrat voters to keep the Democrat majority in power. And you know who is going to be asked to foot the bill. It’s just too easy when you don’t care that lives are destroyed in the process when they have barely just begun. The good news is that the parents and their brave nine children who took action over this grave injustice have emerged victorious as have all other parents and their children in California, at least for now. Let’s only hope that governor Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris will come to their senses and cease upholding what are clearly bad laws. Let’s end this injustice now with no more appeals.

3 Responses to “Brown v Board of Education Shamefully Revisited in California”

  1. Greg Diamond said

    Barack Obama’s visit to Laguna Beach where, as usual, he was whisked into a private gated community at taxpayer expense where the public had no access to him, where he held a $32,000 a plate fundraiser that only the super-rich could attend.

    Sorry, but I can’t let that pass. Did you criticize George W. Bush when as President he had high-dollar fundraisers at taxpayer expense where the public had no access to him?

    As for Vergara, does anyone ELSE associated with this blog want to agree with the writer and entrepreneurial Judge Treu that this case is somehow in the spirit and fashion of Brown v. Board of Education? I’ll just be sitting here in the back taking notes.

    • Walter Myers III said

      Greg, you are truly selective in your reading. And obviously you have no idea what my position is on George Bush. For the record, I criticized George Bush on a lot of things: his big spending that has only been continued in overdrive by Obama, his taking us to war in Iraq, and his signing into law Medicare Part D without paying for it. As to the quote you wrote, isn’t it patently obvious that George Bush never ragged on people for being successful, as he was happy that people were successful? So the answer to your question is “Yes, absolutely,” when you expected it to be “No.”

      Now as to the quote above, Obama talks so much about income inequality and fat cats not paying their fair share of taxes, but he goes right to those same people for $32,000 a plate breakfasts. And his own personal giving to help others is anemic. So he’s a hypocrite, and the fact that you can’t see this as a major difference between Obama and Bush is beyond me. Perhaps YOU don’t care if your friends or politicians’ deeds are consistent with their words, but I do.

      • Greg Diamond said

        So you’re for public financing of elections? You guys built and preserve the system as it is; he has little choice but to operate within its constraints. If you want to change that, so that $32,000/plate fundraisers will be a thing of the past, you’d find many agreeable allies on our side of the aisle. But, you don’t — because beholden to the ultra-rich is, for most (not all) Republicans, a good thing.

        As for Bush — I recall people having to sign endorsement agreements to be able to attend his public events. That’s the sort of thing I wonder whether you found objectionable — the sort of action that, unlike Iraq and Medicare Part D (on both of which I agree with you), is pertinent to your post.

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