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AD 74 Watch: Howard Ahmanson Weighs In

Posted by Scott Carpenter on June 2, 2014

As if the Assembly District 74 race hadn’t been entertaining enough, former GOP stalwart and conservative activist Howard Ahmanson made a late push attacking Keith Curry and attacking Anila Ali, while pumping up Karina Onofre in this mailer sent to democrats:Ali1












Ahmanson didn’t stop there, his Fieldsted & Co. has also made contributions to Curry and Ali’s opponents Emanuel Patrascu, Matthew Harper and Karina Onofre. This is quite interesting, it appears Ahmanson is trying to drive a wedge in the Democratic primary and see which viable GOP alternative can advance against Curry. Ahmanson famously left the GOP in 2008 saying the hard line stance against taxes was evidence of misplaced priorities. Interestingly he joined the Democratic Party which is much more in opposition to his social views. Picking Onofre, who claims she is a conservative Democrat, seems to be the “most” in line with the direction he wishes to see the party move. However the more practical purpose of these moves is to see a division in the Democratic primary prevail. About 25 hours from now we will see if it was too little too late.

5 Responses to “AD 74 Watch: Howard Ahmanson Weighs In”

  1. Oh my Gosh, I’m surrounded by angels in this campaign that I am running for full heartedly and with the best intentions, thank you so much Howard Ahmanson! This is a blessing and may God bless you and your family more!

  2. OCInsider#33 said

    Karina…sweetie…what he’s really trying to do is…..never mind…I just can’t make myself tell you.

  3. Craig P. Alexander said

    Scott Carpenter – thanks for posting this and the picture of the mailer for those of us who do not live in the District. The 74th Assembly District race sure is “interesting!”

  4. Greg Diamond said

    Howard Ahmanson’s a Democrat now? Don’t we get to vote on this?

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