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And the Final Political Mailer Comes From…

Posted by Marion Morrison on June 2, 2014

The final mailer our household received this Primary came from the California Conservative PAC.  Unfortunately they duffed up the mailing list and sent us info on several candidate we can’t even vote for.  Whoops!  It’ll be interesting to see if anyone winds up in the mailbox tomorrow.

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One Response to “And the Final Political Mailer Comes From…”

  1. Craig P. Alexander said

    Charles Munger spent approximately $414,000 to support Anna Bryson who came in last place (as of the vote count at 7:30 a.m. June 4th). At 4,523 votes that equates to $91.53 per vote – for a last place finish. Mr. Munger has every right to spend his money on politics as he pleases. But I would suggest to him that he might want to vet his candidates better before putting a lot of money in for them. If he had done even a cursory review of her record and how local activists in the 73rd Assembly District viewed her, he would have found her negatives were very, very high and there was a lot of opposition to her going to the Assembly.

    What makes this sweeter for me – my candidate Bill Brough, who was vastly out spent by Anna Bryson, Mr. Munger and Jesse Petrilla, won handily. I give Kudos to Mr. Petrilla for graciously conceding the race to Bill and sending out an e-mail to all of his supporters asking them to support Bill including a link to Bill’s campaign web site. Good going Jesse – thumbs up! http://www.billbrough.org

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