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SD-34 Watch: Orange County Democrats Runs Away from Obamacare but Politicizes CalOptima

Posted by Allen Wilson on February 25, 2014


Today, Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen releases statement in response to the Democratic Party of Orange County Chairman Henry Vadermeir for politicizing an important issue:

“It is sad that the Democratic Party would attempt to politicize an issue that is so important to so many local people in need of quality health care.

It’s curious that their alleged interest in the program appears in the middle of a political campaign and clearly shows they don’t understand the issues important to the 34th Senate District.

What’s worse is that the local Democratic operatives who issued this release are either ignorant of the facts or purposefully distorted the facts surrounding CalOptima.

They falsely stated that Supervisor Nguyen is the Chair of CalOptima, got the number of CalOptima patients wrong, inaccurately stated that the audit will take years to complete, and conveniently left out the fact that the audit was a routine, standard audit not caused by any one person’s actions.

Supervisor Nguyen stands by her actions to reform CalOptima because they were necessary to ensure transparency, accountability and quality services for the county’s most vulnerable population”

Orange County Democrats are conveniently running away from Obamacare and will do anything to politicize an issue such as CalOptima.

Orange County Democratic Party Chairman should be ashamed of himself!

4 Responses to “SD-34 Watch: Orange County Democrats Runs Away from Obamacare but Politicizes CalOptima”

  1. David Zenger said

    Translation: How dare they make a political issue out of my monumental screw-up in trying to hijack CalOptima, profit off it, and run it into the ground!

  2. Allen, are we running away from Obamacare? I didn’t catch that part. I’m not running away from Obamacare (though I want to improve it, and hope we can get single payer sooner rather than later…)

  3. Scott Carpenter said

    Good article Allen…funny thing is the statement the Democratic Party of OC put out was so poorly drafted and filled with inaccuracies that it completely defeated any purpose it sought to serve. A grand total of zero people showed up to speak to this point at the meeting. Not holding my breath for a retraction of its inaccuracies however.

  4. BobInIrvine said

    Shouldn’t you change the name of your website to something more truthful? Or in your view is all politics defined as shilling for the GOP? How about “OCGOP.COM?” I know the truth is anathema to you guys, but really. Start with a name that reflects your ridiculously biased coverage.

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