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Auditor-Controller Interviews: Jan Grimes

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on April 16, 2013

3:40 PM- Jan Grimes has entered the room.

3:42 PM- In her introduction she talked about her 34 years working in the office of the Orange County Auditor-Controller. All of her experience which is broad in finance comes from within Orange County. She talked of different successes that have taken place under her watch in the department.

3:46 PM- Supervisor Spitzer asked about why she stated that she would not run originally for the office. She stated that it is not her aspiration to run and if appointed she would consider it if she felt that the qualification of the other candidates were not up to the standards of the office.

3:50 PM- If not appointed and the field were not up to the standards of the office she states that she would run. Nelson explained that incumbency would likely dictate whether or not candidates run.

3:52 PM- She danced around the question and said that she might run???

3:54 PM- Supervisor Nguyen asked about why improvements have not been looked at in the last year. She responded that she has been looking into the necessary improvements in the office but has been busy since she is currently doing the equivalent of working two jobs in the department.

3:55 PM- On a follow up technology question she talked about different committees she has worked with to improve technology.

3:57 PM- When asked about internal audit being a part of the office by Supervisor Bates, she stated that she was comfortable either with or without it.

3:59 PM- Supervisor Nelson asked about being innovative through a technological strategic partnership. Grimes stated that this is achievable, although challenges would exist in getting a system in place.

4:01 PM- Supervisor Moorlach asked his question. She is not currently receiving a public pension, has a bachelors degree in accounting, is involved only in lawsuits through her county position, has not been investigated, and has not run for public office before.

4:04 PM- In closing, she expresses her appreciation for the opportunity to interview.

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