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Auditor-Controller Interviews: Eric Woolery

Posted by Former Blogger Chris Emami on April 16, 2013

2:18 PM- I skipped making a Starbucks run to get here on time for the 1:30 meeting and we are still awaiting the return of the Supervisors. As soon as we get rolling I will have the updates for our first interview right here.

2:36 PM- The Supervisors are now back in the room and ready to start interviewing the four remaining applicants, starting with Eric Woolery.

3:13 PM- Eric Woolery is now in the room after another delay.

3:15 PM- in his introduction Woolery spoke about his great pleasure to be considered for the position. He talked about his ability to bring his experience in the public sector and private sector to the table. While working in his current job with the Riverside County DA’s office and weathering a storm of 26 million dollars in state cuts without cutting jobs.

3:21 PM- he wrapped up his introduction with a lot of talk about creating an open line of communication.

3:22 PM- on a question about realignment from Supervisor Spitzer , Woolery explained that realignment applies not just to prisons but social services. He talked about working with the Supervisors to help them if they fight against prison realignment by providing any needed financial analysis.

3:25 PM- on a follow up question Woolery stated that if he is appointed he will run. If not appointed he will defer to the will of the Supervisors.

3:26 PM- On two questions from Supervisor Nguyen, he talked about looking into the revenue stream and making sure that all money is accounted for. On a technology question, he discussed a technology update currently taking place in Riverside and the financial analysis he has provided on the new technology.

3:29 PM- On a question from Supervisor Nelson, Woolery talked about his experience as an external auditor when he worked in the private sector. In Riverside he is the contact person in Riverside for the external audits. In terms of administration on a follow up question he talked about other experience that he has in the field of finance.

3:30 PM- Supervisor Bates asked about experience with property tax management systems. He stated that he has none and on a follow up answer he talked about the internal audit function that no longer exists in OC.

3:33 PM- On a character question from Supervisor Nelson, Woolery talked about issues that existed when the previous Riverside DA Rod Pacheco left office. He talks about heat that he took because he called the office out on being fast and loose with the money.

3:35 PM- The Moorlach questions went by and were the same as before. Woolery is not receiving a public pension, has a degree from Cal State Fullerton, has not been investigated or involved in any lawsuits. He has run for County Board of Education and County Board of Supervisors.

3:38 PM- In closing, he talked about this being his dream job.

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